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Are you approaching your job search strategically?


joJob searching is one of the most challenging, exhausting, and critical projects a person undertakes. Most job seekers jump into the process blindly, taking a reactive approach that treats the job search as a numbers game. This “apply for as many jobs as possible and hope for a response” approach gives you a false sense of productivity, giving you the illusion that you are making progress when this strategy has the lowest chance of landing you a job.

Even if you are tailoring your resume and cover letter for each job, the best resumes typically receive under a 7% response rate.

Job Search Strategy Coaching


Do you need help making a career change, overcoming job search obstacles, or developing a focused, organized strategy that uses your time and energy most efficiently and effectively?

A job search is more than a title and duties.

Workplace culture, career growth opportunities, industry, and an overall “fit” with your experiences, skill sets, and values significantly affect job satisfaction.

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Our job search coaching is designed to help you in several areas:

A strategic job search requires you to know yourself, including your strengths and achievements, and be able to communicate how your previous experiences will translate to future success in high-stress situations like an interview. If you have not worked to clarify these areas or reflect on your goals and priorities for this next move, your job search will lack direction and make it harder for prospective employers to understand your value and why they need you in their company. By understanding how your skills, experiences, and other unique values align with your desired career target(s), you will be able to position yourself on your resume and cover letter for the role(s) you want, not the one you have (unless they are the same), and develop future-focused LinkedIn profile content that highlights engaging career stories and integrates relevant keywords to help you get found in recruiter keyword searches.
It's been estimated that upwards of 70-80% of jobs are not publicly advertised. Whether there is merit to that statistic, the truth is that most jobs are filled through networking. Most employers like to hunt for talent internally and within their immediate networks. When a job is publicly posted for Equal Employment Opportunity compliance purposes, employers have shortlisted people known to the organization. This is why online applications are a low-ROI job search strategy. We work with our clients to shift their focus away from targeting job openings to identifying companies that they actually want to work for and how their experiences and skill sets could be a fit. This step is critical to establishing the boundaries of your job search, including your networking and application activities, and setting the stage for interview preparation. For more details, check out How to Build a List of Target Companies.
If you are like many of our clients, the thought of networking might be enough to keep you in a role that makes you miserable or is "just okay" rather than finding meaningful, fulfilling work. Getting (more) comfortable with networking is crucial to the job search process, regardless of your career stage (new graduate to C-suite). Our most successful clients ask for help from those they know well and those they do not, an uncomfortable process for many. We help remove some of the awkwardness from the networking process by leveraging your target company list to identify potential starter contacts at your target companies and expand your network systematically and efficiently while managing expectations. For more details, check out How to Build Your Professional Network.

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When you engage us in coaching services, we take your obligation to make your investment work for you seriously and aim to support you beyond our coaching meeting with valuable supplemental job search strategy resources.

  • Supplemental exercises to support your job search activities
  • Helpful toolkits, worksheets, and e-guides to keep you focused and organized
  • A 3-month follow-up session after our engagement ends to discuss your progress
  • Lifetime email access to Kate, a Certified Hidden Job Market Coach (Terms apply)

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