The Process

How We Work Together

I started this boutique-style resume writing and consulting firm to help people like you who are committed to investing in themselves  gain clarity and focus on their career path, uncover and reinforce their own unique skills and value, and articulate what they already know about themselves in a way that gains traction with potential employers, secures more interviews, and gets them into their next job faster.

We are committed to providing top-notch, exclusive, and exceptionally personalized resume writing and consulting services that are centered on getting to know you, understanding your career goals, and redefining that first impression that you make with potential employers so that you secure more (and better) interviews and save time and money by getting into your next job faster.

Your personal brand is your most strategic asset!

  • What lights you up both in and outside of work?
  • What things do you not like to do?
  • What projects or accomplishments are you most proud of in your career?
  • How do your personal passions and values translate to your work performance?
  • What sorts of opportunities are most exciting to you and why?
  • What are you really good at doing OR what do you really want to get good at doing?

The Writing Process Explained

Once you’ve decided to hire us and have arranged payment for your resume package (in full, up front OR through the flexible PayPal payment plan option), we will begin launching the next step of your career. Using our simple step-by-step consultative process, we will produce a personal brand strategy, in the form of a targeted, branded, and evidence-based resume (and other documents) that communicates your unique value with sophistication and style.


Send your information. Prior to the consultation, we ask you to email us any supplementary documents (i.e. performance reviews, academic transcripts, additional versions of a resume or cover letter, etc.) that will help in getting to know you better from a professional standpoint. We also ask you to provide 2-3 job postings that match (or are similar) to your career target(s) to ensure your new resume is integrated with the right keywords and laser-focused towards your career target(s).



Schedule your 60-90 minute consultation. Consultations can take place over the phone or through video chat (Skype, Zoom), depending on your preference. We ask that you build in at least 90 minutes of minimally uninterrupted time in case our conversation should last the full time. We reserve the right to charge full price on consultation no-shows. All funds must be paid prior to the re-scheduled consultation appointment taking place. For more details on our one-to-one consultation policy, see Terms of Service.

During the consultation, we will take a deep dive into your professional background and discuss the achievements, success stories, and performance-specific qualities that set you apart from your competition. This session will serve as the foundation for the personal brand strategy that we will craft to position you for your desired target role(s). The more you collaborate, the stronger the resume (and other documents) that we can produce.

All discussions are confidential.


The writing process begins. After the consultation, the resume magic begins. All new documents are delivered electronically 7-10 business days AFTER our one-to-one consultation. If you need your new documents sooner, we offer both 3- and 6-day turnaround times for an additional fee.

We may occasionally call or email you if we need to clarify or confirm specific details from your professional background during the drafting stage. We will do our best to keep our communications to a minimum and discuss and/or send any additional questions to you all at one time. In the meantime, you are welcome to stay in contact with us throughout the entire writing process. You will receive updates on your project status.



Fine-tuning your new documents. You will have 21 days to review your new documents and show it to your trusted friends and acquaintances. Within this 21-day timeframe, you can request unlimited revisions (applicable to our Terms of Service). The majority of edits are typically minor and can be handled through email, phone/video chat, or a combination of both.

All revision are turned around within 48 hours. We work together to ensure we have conveyed the core messages, captured your relevant success stories, and infused your personality and tone of voice into your new documents.



Approve your project. All projects are finalized by the end of the 21-day revision period (see Terms of Service). If an extenuating circumstance should occur, let me know and we can make separate arrangements to accommodate you. Examples of extenuating circumstances include sudden illness (you or a family member), death in the family, natural disaster, travel/vacation period, etc. Once you give approval for your project, this signifies your 100% satisfaction. 



The relationship does not end once you walk away with your brand new resume package. Our service is built (and thrives) on longevity, accessibility, and long-term professional partnerships. We always enjoy hearing from our clients about how the job search process is going, especially their success stories, in which many of our clients have credited our marketing solutions to helping them land more (and better) interview opportunities.

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