Our Process

How we work with you:

At Scientech Resumes, we understand that choosing a professional resume writer is a significant investment in time, money, trust, and your future. Therefore, we take our obligation to make your investment work for you very seriously.

This means that writing a powerful and effective resume is a serious endeavour and collaborative partnership that is focused on getting to know you professionally, understand your career goals and aspirations, and formulate a solid branding strategy that aligns with your career target.

What sets us apart:

The majority of resumes fail simply because candidates are not positioning themselves for the roles that they want. The most important question that we need you to answer for us is – what do you want to do right now? The answer to this question lays the groundwork for building the personal branding strategy that will specifically position you and target your resume for this dream job. If you cannot answer this question, you are not ready for a resume!

We believe in doing more than equipping you with powerful and effective career-marketing documents. Writing you an exceptional resume is only part of the process. Knowing how to use it effectively in your job search is something else. We help you to do both exceptionally well (which is where most resume writing companies fail). Every career-marketing package comes with supplementary educational guides that educate you on how the modern job market works, cement your status as a top candidate, and maximise your opportunities of landing one (or several) new offers.

Getting started:

  • Read, sign, and date a copy of our Terms and Conditions. This document will be emailed to you by a third party online app and can be easily signed and emailed back to us electronically. If you have any questions about any of the items outlined in the agreement, please email kate@scientechresumes.com or call us at 971-770-1460.
  • Select the career package or individual services that you wish to purchase. All payments are processed through PayPal and we accept all major debit and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express). Scientech Resumes offers the flexibility of a payment plan through PayPal Credit. You will be required to create a FREE PayPal account if you don’t already have one, and log in with PayPal to select the PayPal Credit option. Payments can be spread out for as long as 6 months interest-free.
  • Save a copy of your invoice since these services can be tax deductible. (Disclaimer: Please speak with a tax professional about your individual situation). *No work will begin until the electronic service agreement has been signed and returned and payment for the project has been arranged either in full, up front or through the PayPal Credit payment plan.
  • Schedule your one-on-one consultation through our online calendar here on a date and time of your choosing. During the scheduling process, you can upload your existing resume, cover letter, links to specific roles that you are interested in targeting, your LinkedIn URL, and any other supplementary documents (i.e. performance reviews, academic transcripts, presentations, etc.) that you think would be helpful for us in getting to know you from a professional standpoint. You can also email these documents directly to kate@scientechresumes.com.

Receive one-on-one personalized attention:

We take a holistic approach to the career branding process that focuses on asking smart and introspective questions that uncover your unique value, credibility, and expertise while providing us with an idea of your personality and tone of voice. After all, it’s important that your documents sound like you! The one-on-one consultation can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes and can be conducted over the phone or Skype. During the one-on-one consultation, we will iron out the details of your career target, hone in on your key strengths and other performance-specific qualities, and discuss the most relevant career milestones, results, achievements, and contributions.

We work with clients worldwide and offer flexible appointment times to accommodate you and your schedule. If you require a weekend consultation or work to be done over the weekend, additional fees will be applied. You must also let us know in advance to ensure Kate’s availability.

Prior to the consultation, we will provide you with an outline summarizing the key areas that will be covered during the call and includes contemplative questions that are specifically designed to help stimulate your thinking and internal reflection in advance of the consultation. We do not require you to fill out any client information questionnaires unless you do not have an existing resume. Some of our clients have expressed that writing their thoughts helps to organize their mind in preparation for the discussion. On the other hand, some clients don’t want to feel like they have homework.

Come prepared to discuss the following key areas for our scheduled consultation:

  • What makes you different from other candidates competing for the same position?
  • What have you accomplished career-wise so far?
  • What characteristics or qualities make you truly unique?
  • What noteworthy personal trait or traits describe you?
  • What types of problems have you solved, and, more importantly, how does this experience translate into future performance?






Important notes regarding the consultation process include:

  • Cancellation: We understand that external factors can arise outside of your control. If a sudden emergency should arise and you need to reschedule, you may do so at no extra charge for the first time. If subsequent cancellations should follow, you will be billed a cancellation fee of $25 for each additional cancellation. Cancellation fees must be paid in full before further services can be provided.
  • No-Show: Scientech Resumes schedules consultations in advance and purposely foregoes other bookings to accommodate time available for client consultations. Failure to show up for your scheduled consultation will result in a charge of $150 to compensate for the loss of scheduled time that could have been reserved for another client. No work will resume until the no-show fee is compensated.
  • Late arrival: Arriving more than 15 minutes late for the consultation without notice will be treated as a no-show and will result in a $150 charge. Consultation times will not be extended beyond the 90-minute timeframe due to lateness.

The writing process:

Scientech Resumes delivers all projects on or before 10 business days (excludes weekends and holidays) following the consultation, although we make every effort to deliver them to you sooner. If your needs are more urgent, we do offer 3- and 6-business day turnaround times at a premium fee. If you require a consultation or writing work to be done over a weekend, you may incur 3- or 6-day rush and weekend fees. If you require rush turnaround, please call ahead to ensure Kate’s availability in accommodating your request.

You are more than welcome to communicate with us throughout the writing process through phone or email. For a faster response, email is recommended since we are often booked with client appointments throughout the day.

Your new documents will be delivered along with the following value-added resources:

  • Your Personal Branding Strategy: This document will outline the different sections of your resume and other documents, detailing why these sections have been written and structured the way that they have, while answering any questions you may have as you review your documents.
  • “How to Optimize Your Resume for Digital Eyes”: This PDF walks you through how the modern job market works, including the rise of applicant tracking systems (ATS) and how to customize your new resume and cover letter for each individual role that you apply for (with examples illustrating how to do so). That may sound overwhelming, but trust us when we say that this process is a lot easier than it sounds!
  • “Scientech Resumes: 7-Step Guide to Interview Preparation”: This guide covers all phases of the interview preparation process including how and where to research a company, align your qualifications to the target role, understand interview questions (and the different ways they are asked), plan what to wear and what to bring, and how to effectively follow-up with your interviewer(s).
  • Job search strategy checklist: A 1-page checklist to ensure that you cover all of the necessary angles before submitting a job application.

Fine-tuning your new documents:

Following the initial document delivery, you have 21 days to review your new documents. Edits are typically minor and can easily be handled through email. However, if you prefer to discuss any key areas on your resume in more detail or have a more open-ended question that is not so easily addressed via email, phone or Skype sessions can be scheduled in 30-minute blocks here (select option 3).

Some key items to keep in mind during the revision process include:

  • Unlimited revisions, within reason (see Terms and Conditions), are offered within the 21-day project window. While we want you to feel confident about your new resume, Scientech Resumes reserves the right to challenge you on edits that are not to your best benefit. Revisions can be provided via phone or email. Scientech Resumes will incorporate any changes and other modifications within 48 business hours.
  • A significant departure from the original draft will result in additional fees being incurred since it is considered a completely different resume.
  • Opportunity for package upgrade. We offer all of our clients the opportunity to upgrade their career-package by paying the difference. This option can be accessed any time within the 21-day window and can result in savings down the road.
  • All final edits and requests for edits must be received no later than 1 day before the conclusion of the 21-day project window. While we make every effort to follow up with you by phone and email, if we do not hear from you by the project closeout date, your new documents will be finalized and emailed to you as is. Any edits required after the 21-day project window will be billed at the hourly fee of $150/hour.

Your final documents:

Once you approve your documents for finalization, we will create the finalized versions of your documents. Your new resume will be created in 3 different formats (MS Word, PDF, and ATS-optimized MS Word version) and you will receive a 1-page PDF outline summarizing when you would use each version during your job search. Any additional documents that you order, such as a LinkedIn profile, cover letter, thank you letter, etc. will be provided in MS Word.