As a professional resume writer, I provide a truly marketable service in helping job seekers build a compelling and persuasive resume that communicates credibility, knowledge, and value to a prospective employer – and most importantly – lands a job interview! It is a simple mission but a powerful one. It is a service that I am more than happy to provide and I receive several recommendations and referrals from happy clients who have achieved confidence through their professional success stories.

My clients are the reason that Scientech Resumes is in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about my services. Receiving references like these further inspires and defines my ¨why¨ and these testimonials are an outcome of that clarity.


¨Kate did a great job in re-writing my resume. She improved the professional appearance and descriptive areas to provide prospective employers with a clear picture of my qualifications before actually meeting me. I’m confident the new resume will get me in front of hiring managers.” — Stella B., Mexico

¨Dear Kate, I have had a resume and a CV for a long time now. I have continually made changes to them, sometimes updated them but also rewritten them after and during resume writing sessions and also browsing through the various resources online. I frequently review and revise resume for my colleagues and other acquaintances. Having said that, I wanted to let you know that you have given a new twist, a new life to my resume, my CV. You also shown me a new way to write a cover letter that conveys confidence and worth of your experiences and skill set for potential employers. I write a brand new cover letter for each new application that I submit but I will definitely use the voice and the essence of the sample cover letter when I submit future applications.

The process of resume writing is never a one-shot thing and it is certainly not static and you produced quite a few versions of my resume and my CV to highlight my strengths. Preparing your resume and CV is usually a lonely process and when you looked through them, highlighted my strengths, and brought about my personality – you breathed life into these documents. The documents you delivered to me provided both validation and boost of confidence for me.

I am especially impressed with your process of working on these documents for me. You researched me thoroughly, found new information about me and incorporated them in my resume and CV, asked questions about the layout, correctness of information, representation of me and my personality, and of course for any missing information. These questions showed that you really cared. Thank you for an amazing service! Best wishes!¨

— Sudiksha J., Ph.D., Missouri

¨Kate has updated my resume to a most professional level. Previously I had been relying on a resume I hacked together in college to get by. The first email that I sent for a new position using my updated resume, I got an interview and later a job offer. If you´re looking for a resume writing service, look no further than Kate.¨

— Josh J., North Carolina

¨The resume I received from Kate exceeded my expectations in every way. She took the resume I had put together on my own and then combined it with information she got from specific questions to create a document I could never have made on my own. Kate worked with me through several drafts to improve everything from quality of information included, flow, formatting, and professionalism.

The most important thing for me was that when I had a question, concern or needed something changed due to my job niche it was obvious she listened. The process of creating a resume was daunting for me since I needed it to represent all of my experience, strengths and individuality. How to make all of those things happen while still getting a potential employer to read it and keep it short enough was a big challenge that Kate made easy.

As a professional I see after this process that I am an amateur resume writer but having a professional resume to represent me is key. I would highly recommend Kate to be that professional to help get you to the next level of your career.¨  

— David A., D.C., The Netherlands

 ¨Kate made a wonderful resume for me. It´s clean, organized, professional, and fits me perfectly!¨ — Lauren Z., California

¨I thought I had a decent, workable resume…until I saw what Katie did with it. Wow! I was so shocked by how much better it looked — the new resume is professional, organized, easy to read, and highlights all of my important skills without being overdone. Katie´s incredible work ethic really shines through in her work here. Throughout the entire process, she asked all sorts of thoughtful questions to make sure my resume communicated exactly what I wanted to, and she answered my own questions in a way that I was never left feeling confused or unsure.

I knew exactly what I was getting from her every step of the way and she exceeded my expectations by a mile. The three formats she uses means I can apply for any job with ease, and she always got back to me in a timely fashion. I can´t recommend Katie´s work enough, you won´t be disappointed! Thank you so much for all of your help — on to the job hunt!¨ — Samantha G., Massachusetts 

¨The resume I received was fantastic work! It was well written, perfectly formatted, and caught my attention immediately. It helped me get my first job right out of college.¨ — Tabytha S., Pennsylvania