Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions was prepared in order to cover all of the angles, guarantees, and expectations when working and engaging with Scientech Resumes LLC. Each client who invests in our services is required to read, sign, date, and return an electronic copy to Kate before any work will begin. This electronic version will be initiated by Kate and emailed to you through a third-party online app that will guide you through how to easily e-sign and return the service agreement. No work will begin until the agreement is signed and payment has been arranged wither in full, up front OR through the PayPal Credit payment plan option.

Terms & Conditions:

These Terms will be applied fully and by engaging with Scientech Resumes (known hereafter as “Scientech” or “we”), you (hereby referred to as “Client” or “you”) agree to accept all Terms & Conditions as written here and on Scientech’s website. Failure to read the Terms & Conditions in its entireness does not authorize a waiver of these Terms or its application.

Scientech requires an initial complimentary consultation with all prospective clients to determine Client’s job search challenges, career goals, and overall fit between Scientech and Client (the person making payment to Scientech) before any project can be initiated. All projects are custom quoted at the conclusion of the complimentary resume consultation session, using a sliding scale that considers the Client’s current career stage and direction, target salary, and the scope and complexity of work involved.

Writing projects begin once payment is arranged (either in full, upfront OR through the flexible PayPal Credit payment plan) and the electronic Terms and Conditions agreement has been signed and returned to Scientech in order to hold a Client’s spot in our project cycle. All client payments are processed through PayPal and all major debit/credit cards are accepted.

Scientech offers 2 options for payment:

  • In full, up front using any major debit/credit card, including American Express.
  • Flexible PayPal Credit payment plan. Spread payments out for up to 6 months with zero interest. This option requires creating a FREE PayPal account and is only available to US-based clients.

Upon entering this agreement with Scientech, Client understands and acknowledges that resume writing is a creative and collaborative process that is dependent on Client’s active participation in the partnership. Since writing documents is very time consuming and Scientech is not able to regain time lost in preparing and writing Client documents, no refunds will be given except as outlined in these Terms.

Project Scope:

All resume packages will be prepared based on information provided by Client during the one-on-one consultation and any additional information supplied, such as copies of an existing resume or cover letter, current and former performance reviews, academic transcripts, or other supporting documents that Client feels comfortable sharing. Anything that Client shares with Scientech is kept confidential and is never shared.

If Client does not have an existing resume, Scientech will forward Client an information questionnaire with customized questions designed to elicit Client competencies, enthusiasm, and relevant experience and success stories. Following the return of the questionnaire by email to kate@scientechresumes.com, a one-to-one consultation will be scheduled in order to clarify or expand on the details that Client has provided in the questionnaire.

If Client already has an existing resume, the client information questionnaire will not be supplied. The one-to-one consultation will be scheduled and the writing process will proceed as outlined on Scientech’s website at: http://scientechresumes.com/writing-process/.

One-to-one consultations last anywhere between 60-90 minutes, depending on how much information Scientech will need to source from Client. Consultations are conducted by phone or through Zoom video conference calling. If Client is based outside of the United States, the one-to-one consultation will be held by Zoom video conference.

Following the conclusion of the one-to-one consultation, Scientech will follow up with Client by email on the estimated delivery timeframe for the initial versions of the new documents. Scientech takes a “quality over quantity” approach to writing career marketing documents. Unless a rush service has been purchased, all documents will be forwarded to Client by email at Scientech’s standard turnaround time of 7-10 business days (excludes weekends and holidays) AFTER the one-to-one consultation has taken place.

Project Investment:

Client acknowledges and understands that the project investment takes into account Scientech’s expertise, skill and time. Further, the project investment takes into account: (1) Client intake time, including e-mails back and forth between Scientech and Client concerning the project, (2) document strategy/typesetting/design/layout, and (3) proofreading and editing.

Rush Fees:

For Clients with more urgent needs, Scientech offers both 3- and 5-business day RUSH delivery options at an additional investment, calculated based on the total cost of the Client project.

Please call or email ahead if you require a RUSH project to ensure Kate’s availability. Due to the increasing demand of Scientech’s writing services, Kate has limited consultation availability and often books Clients out 1-2 weeks in advance. Depending on Scientech’s project workload, Kate cannot always accommodate rush delivery projects.

Rush fees are calculated in the following manner:

  • 3-business days: An additional 50% of the original project investment.
  • 5-business days: An additional 25% of the original project investment.
  • Weekend: If Client requires a weekend consultation, an additional fee of $300 will be added to the original project investment.

If Client requires a weekend one-to-one consultation and/or additional work to be performed over the weekend, Client may incur both weekend AND 3- or 5-business day rush fees.

One-to-One Consultation:

Client understands that the one-to-one consultation session is a key element of the resume writing process. Consultations last between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on how much information Scientech needs to source from you. This session is conducted over the phone or through Zoom video conference. If Client is based outside of the United States, the one-to-one consultation will take place via Zoom video conference.

Scientech will provide guidance on the structure of this session and provide Client with resources to prepare to ensure a productive conversation between Client and Scientech. Failure of Client to be available for this session and/or provide the required information (questionnaires, supporting documents, etc.) to Scientech Resumes as per the required timeline based upon project delivery will result in the delay of the project.

One-to-One Consultation Cancellation:

Scientech acknowledges that external factors can happen outside of the Client’s control. If a sudden emergency or unforeseen circumstance should arise and Client should need to reschedule the one-to-one consultation session, the Client may do so at no extra charge for the first time.

Examples of acceptable external circumstances include sudden illness (Client or immediate Client family member), natural disasters, or other health and family-related emergencies.

If subsequent cancellations should follow, Client will be billed a cancellation fee of $25 for each cancellation that occurs within 5 hours of our scheduled meeting. No new appointments can be scheduled until the cancellation fee has been rendered.

For any scheduled one-to-one resume consultations, interview preparation, or coaching sessions that do not fall under the sudden emergency category, please provide Scientech with 5 hours of advanced notice if you cannot be available for scheduled sessions.

One-to-One Consultation No Show:

It is incumbent upon the Client to show up on time and prepared for the scheduled one-to-one consultation as Scientech often books consultations out 1-2 weeks in advance.

Should Client fail to show up for the scheduled one-to-one consultation without giving at least 5 hours of advanced notice, Client will be billed the hourly rate of $150 hour to compensate Scientech for their time and for taking away space that could have been reserved for another client.

No rescheduling will occur until Client compensates Scientech the $150 no show fee.

One-to-One Consultation Late Arrival:

Arriving more than 15 minutes late to the one-to-one consultation without notice will be treated as a no-show and Client will be charged the full hourly rate of $150. One-to-one consultations will not be extended beyond the 90-minute time frame due to lateness.


Documents are thoroughly proofread by Scientech before being forwarded to the Client. Clients are asked to check all data for accuracy and completeness.

If corrections are needed, clients are asked to forward specific instructions for changes via e-mail to kate@scientechresumes.com and/or schedule a follow-up review session by phone or video conference to discuss revisions in detail.

Scientech Resumes is not responsible for errors or omissions that are “missed” during the client review process.

Revision Policy:

Scientech works with clients on a 30-business day project window (excludes weekends and major holidays) which starts the day AFTER the initial documents have been delivered to the Client. During this project window, the Client will have 30 business days to review their documents, ask questions, and request revisions. Revisions are typically minor in nature and can usually be handled via email (as long as Client feedback is clear). Scientech also offers phone and/or video conference sessions to discuss any revisions or areas needing more clarifications.

Document review and follow-up sessions are offered in 30-minute blocks. It is incumbent upon the Client to be prepared for these sessions.

Our engagement is intended for the point in time where Scientech and Client collaborate on Client’s goals and career background. This engagement is NOT an evolving project over the course of several months and job changes.

All Scientech projects come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means Scientech will work with Client until satisfied with the project, with the following exceptions:

  • If Client introduces new or additional information AFTER the initial documents are forwarded, additional fees for consulting, writing, or revision may be incurred. This exception does NOT apply if Client remembers something related to a particular topic that was discussed during the one-to-one consultation.
  • If Client fails to submit the correct information or omit information required to produce accurate documents, Scientech is under no obligation to include this information AFTER writing has begun.
  • If Client lands a new position within the 30-business day window timeframe and wishes to add in the new position to the new resume, update fees will be incurred to compensate Scientech for the time required to discuss the new role with Client and perform the additional writing, editing, and formatting required.
  • A significant departure from the original draft provided will also incur additional fees as this constitutes a completely different document and is therefore viewed as a different resume.

Revision Turnaround Time:

Scientech is often working with multiple Clients on different projects. Therefore, we cannot guarantee immediate turnaround time on edits. All requested revisions are turned around between 24-48 hours.

Scientech reserves the right to challenge edits and revisions that are not in Client’s best benefit.

Review Session Cancellation:

Should Client schedule a review session following initial document delivery and need to cancel due to a sudden emergency or unforeseen circumstance, Client may do at no additional charge for the first time.

Any subsequent cancellations must be done no less than 5 hours in advance of our session. Any subsequent sessions that are canceled within 5 hours of our scheduled meeting will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee, which must be rendered prior to scheduling any additional sessions.

Review Session No Show:

Should Client fail to show for the scheduled review session without providing 5 hours advanced notice or rescheduling, Client will be billed $75 to compensate Scientech for the loss of scheduled time that could have been reserved for another Client. No further review sessions will take place until the $75 no-show fee is compensated.

Review Session Late Arrival:

Arriving more than 15 minutes late for the review session without notice will be treated as a no-show and Client will be billed $75 to compensate Scientech for the loss of scheduled time that could have been reserved for another Client. No further review sessions will take place until the $75 no-show fee is compensated.

Project Timeline & Finalization:

Final edit requests must be forwarded to Scientech by email no later than 2 business days before the 30-business day project window concludes. If final project approval has not been received by the end of business hours on day 30, Scientech reserves the right to finalize Client project by preparing and forwarding the final document versions, which will avail Scientech of any further responsibility to the project.

Any revisions or edits requested outside of the 30-day project window OR after Client has given approval for document finalization will be billed at an hourly rate of $150 (1-hour minimum).

Unless other arrangements are made, Client agrees to finalize resume (or accept work as written) by the end of the 30-business day timeframe. Client also agrees that he/she is solely responsible for meeting this deadline. Scientech is not liable for any changes requested by client after the expiration of the 30-business day window.

Scientech offers Clients the opportunity to upgrade their career packages by paying the difference, as long as this is done within the 30-day project window. Should Client decide to upgrade his or her project (i.e. adding a LinkedIn profile, executive bio, etc.), the 30-day project window will be extended to accommodate the writing and revision of additional documents that Client chooses to invest in.

Project Restart Fees:

Scientech incurs substantial costs in stopping and restarting a project once it is underway. Should a project be halted at any time for more than 30 days by the Client, for any reason beyond extenuating circumstances or not mutually agreed to, a project restart fee of 10% of the project’s costs will be due and payable ahead of work re-commencing.

Project Cancellation Policy:

Client further acknowledges and understands that once payment is made, should Client wish to cancel the project, a penalty will be assessed as follows:

  • Cancellation after the project is paid for, but before work has begun: a full refund will be made minus any PayPal transaction fees.
  • Cancellation after work has begun, but BEFORE the first draft is provided to Client: 50% of total project price is retained by Scientech.
  • Cancellation AFTER the first draft is provided to Client: 100% of total project price is retained by Scientech.

Project Payment Policy:

As is common in the resume writing industry, full payment is required before any drafts are provided to a client to prevent any pirating of completed work to date. All payments are processed through PayPal. Fees are not refundable once work on a Client project has begun.

Scientech currently offers 2 options for payment:

  • In full, up front. Client can render payment for services using any major debit/credit card, including American Express. This option does not require a PayPal account.
  • PayPal Credit payment plan. Scientech offers Clients a flexible payment plan option through PayPal Credit, where Client can spread out the cost of the project investment for up to 6 months with zero interest. This option does require creating a free PayPal account or using existing PayPal login credentials to access this feature. Only available to US-based clients and dependent on Client credit history.

Client further acknowledges and understands that once payment is made, should Client wish to cancel the project, a penalty will be assessed as follows: cancellation AFTER project is paid for, but before work has begun: a full refund will be made minus any PayPal transaction fees; cancellation AFTER work has begun, but BEFORE the first draft is provided to Client: 50% of total project price is retained by Scientech; cancellation AFTER the first draft is provided to Client: 100% of total project price is retained by Scientech.

Since Scientech’s establishment in 2016, we have not had to issue any refunds. We are aware of chronic chargeback clients within the career services industry. As a result, all email communications and Client documents and updates are filed and archived.

If clients are unhappy for any reason, Scientech strives to work with clients and ensure 100% satisfaction with the content of the resume and other documents. If the client is still demanding money back and goes through their credit card company, Scientech is well-prepared to show documentation and relevant communication as evidence of work rendered.

Scientech Resumes Guarantee:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Once the Client officially approves the project, this will signify Client’s 100% satisfaction. All projects must be approved by the 30-business day project window unless additional arrangements have been made AND mutually agreed upon between Client and Scientech.
  • Access to a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) who understands the nuances of the modern job market and the technologies that drive the hiring process and affect the way that resumes are read.
  • A Certified Resume Writer who is committed to ongoing professional development through active membership and involvement in leading resume writing organizations, including the NRWA, PARW/CC, CDI, and CTL.
  • Access to an experienced and specialized resume writer with a strong STEM background, underpinned by resume specialty certifications, including engineering + science, (CRS+ES), and IT, (CRS+IT).
  • Highest Code of Ethics and Integrity – All Client and project discussions are confidential. Your personal information is never shared.
  • Renewed confidence in your value, credibility, and expertise, in addition to enhanced self-awareness and knowledge of personal branding that you can leverage as your career evolves.
  • Lifetime storage of your documents, unless you request otherwise. If you do not wish for Scientech to store your documents, please submit your request in writing to kate@scientechresumes.com.
  • One-to-one personalized consultation session via phone or Zoom video conference call.
  • A post-resume/document delivery call (1 hour OR two 30-minute sessions).
  • Unlimited email support following project completion. Call or email us with a question and we will respond within 24-48 hours (barring weekends, holidays, planned vacations, or sudden emergencies).
  • Forwarding of new documents between 7-10 business days AFTER the one-to-one consultation.
  • FREE copies of our value-added e-guides that detail how to customize your resume (and cover letter) to bypass ATS, interview preparation and follow-up, and LinkedIn for continuous career management.
  • Final keyword-optimized documents in 3 formats: MS Word, Adobe PDF, and ATS-optimized MS Word.
  • Automatic eligibility for our Returning Client Update service. Valid as long as no more than 2 years have passed.

Privacy Policy:

Scientech is committed to honoring each Client’s personal privacy. Any documents or conversations between Scientech and Client are never shared. Client reserves the right to unsubscribe from any of Scientech’s subscriptions or newsletters. Additionally, if Client clicks on a resource link from our website, Scientech cannot guarantee or be responsible for their content or privacy policies.

Legal Information:

Scientech Resumes uses their professional ability, in good faith, to create powerful and effective resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other career marketing documents to get clients interviews.

Scientech Resumes cannot guarantee interviews, jobs, or career outcomes as market conditions vary, and we cannot control the effort a client will make in obtaining a job or how the client will behave during the interview process. In addition, Scientech cannot control the competition in obtaining a position. Finally, at times, employers will not fill positions which are advertised.

It is incumbent upon the Client to aggressively partake in the job search process, including applying for qualifying positions that Client meets the requirements for. Additionally, Scientech is not responsible for Client’s use or non-use of the resume or writing project.

Scientech Resumes is not liable for any inaccurate, incorrect, or misleading information in the prepared materials as Client is required to review the materials and approve the entire content prior to final delivery. Scientech is not responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of the information provided by Client, nor are we responsible for consequential damages of any kind that Client may incur from inaccurate documents, edits to documents at Client’s request that coincide with Scientech’s expert recommendations, or while utilizing Scientech’s services. Client agrees to hold Scientech harmless from any such liability. Should Client wish to file suit against Scientech Resumes, the jurisdiction/choice of law shall be in Washington and each party shall bear its own costs in filing suit.

Intellectual Property:

Scientech Resumes owns all content and information posted on Company website. No one may copy, distribute, or use any of the content, including this Terms and Conditions, for financial gain without the express written consent of Scientech. Scientech reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time, and Client agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions.