Terms of Service

Our terms of service agreement was written to cover all of the angles, guarantees, and expectations when working with Scientech Resumes LLC. Each client who invests in our services is required to read, sign, date, and return an electronic copy. This electronic version will be initiated by Kate and emailed to you through a third-party online app that will guide you through how to easily e-sign and return the service agreement. No work will begin until the agreement is signed and payment has been arranged in full, up front OR through the PayPal Credit payment plan option.

Project Scope:

Scientech Résumés LLC (“Scientech” or “we”) will deliver a resume package to the client (the “Client” or “you”) which has been prepared based on information provided during a one-to-one consultation, as well as any additional information supplied by Client, such as a current resume or other supporting documents. One-to-one consultations will last from 60 to 90 minutes depending on how much information that we will need to source from you. One-to-one consultations are conducted by phone, Skype, or Zoom conference.

If you do not have an existing resume, we will forward you a client information questionnaire with key questions that will help determine the best way to highlight your competencies, enthusiasm, and relevant experience. Following the return of the questionnaire by email to kate@scientechresumes.com, the one-to-one consultation will be scheduled in order to clarify or expand on the details that you provide in your questionnaire.

If you already have an existing resume, the client information questionnaire will not be supplied. The one-to-one consultation will be scheduled and the writing process will proceed as outlined on https://scientechresumes.com/writing-process/.

All new documents are forwarded to the Client by our standard turnaround time, between 7 to 10 business days (not including weekends/holidays), unless a 3- or 6-day rush service has been selected. The writing process will begin after the one-to-one consultation has taken place.

One-to-One Consultation Policy:

It is incumbent on the Client to be prepared for the one-to-one consultation. Failure of the Client to be available for strategy session calls and/or provide the required information (questionnaires, supporting documents, etc.) to Scientech Resumes per the required timeline based on project delivery will result in a delay on the project. Scientech is NOT obligated to include any additional information that the Client introduces AFTER the one-to-one consultation has taken place.

If the Client should introduce new information AFTER the initial versions of the new documents are delivered, additional fees for consultation, writing, revisions, formatting, and editing may be applicable.

One-to-One Consultation Cancellation:

We understand that external factors can happen outside of the Client’s control. If a sudden emergency should arise and Client should need to reschedule, Client may do so at no extra charge for the first time. If subsequent cancellations should follow, Client will be charged and billed a cancellation fee of $25 for each cancellation which must be paid before further services can be provided.

One-to-One Consultation No Show:

It is incumbent upon the Client to be prepared for the scheduled one-to-one consultations. Scientech schedules times in advance and foregoes other bookings to make time available for Clients. Should a Client fail to show for a scheduled consultation without at least 5 hours advance notice of any rescheduling, Client will be billed the hourly rate of $150 hour to compensate for the loss of scheduled time that could have been reserved for another Client.

The rescheduling fee must be paid before further services can be provided.

One-to-One Consultation Late Arrival:

Arriving more than 15 minutes late for the one-to-one consultation without notice will be treated as a no-show and charged the full hour of $150. One-to-one consultations will not be extended beyond the 90-minute timeframe due to lateness.

Scientech Resumes GUARANTEE:

  • You will have access to a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) who understands the nuances of the modern job market and the technologies that affect the way that resumes are read.
  • Your project will be completed by a Certified Resume Writer who is committed to ongoing professional development through active membership in leading resume writing organizations, including the NRWA, PARW/CC, CTL, and CDI.
  • You will have access to an experienced writer with resume specialty certifications in engineering, science, and IT, as well as a Master’s of Science in Applied Chemistry, a REACH certification in social branding, and a certified interview consultant.
  • You can expect the highest level of ethics and integrity. All of your discussions and communications with Scientech are confidential and your personal information will never be shared.
  • You will have renewed confidence in your value, credibility, and expertise, as well as a greater self-awareness and enhanced knowledge of personal branding that you can use to your advantage as your career evolves.
  • Your new documents will be forwarded to you between 7-10 business days, excluding weekends or holidays, after the one-to-one consultation has taken place. You will receive one-to-one personalized consultations via phone, Skype, or Zoom conference. 
  • You will receive FREE copies of our value-added resources and e-guides when you invest in a resume and/or LinkedIn package. These e-guides can also be purchased individually through the website.
  • You will receive the finalized versions of your new resume in 3 different formats (no additional charge) in MS Word, Adobe PDF, and an ATS-optimized MS Word version.

Acceptance of Work:

Scientech strives to work with clients to ensure 100% satisfaction and approval on the content of the new documents. By accepting the final project, Client agrees that the project has met all of the requirements of the guarantee and acceptance will signify 100% satisfaction.

Please Note
Projects not finalized by the Client within 21 days after delivery of the initial documents from Scientech will be considered completed projects. Scientech reserves the right to close out all Client projects 21 days after delivery unless prior arrangements mutually agreed upon between Scientech and Client have been arranged. Changes requested after the 21-day period will be subjected to our hourly editing fee of $150.


All of our clients are automatically eligible for our Client referral program, where Client can earn rewards each time a new client, who decides to invest in our services, is referred. All clients are eligible for a Returning Client update service at a discounted prices as long as no more than 2 years have passed since the completion date of the original project.


Documents are thoroughly proofread before being forwarded to the Client. Client agrees to verify all data for accuracy and completeness. Client is responsible for forwarding all corrections via e-mail to kate@scientechresumes.com. within the 21-day project window. Scientech is not responsible for errors or omissions by Client in verifying the accuracy of project information.

Our Revision Policy:

Scientech works with Clients on a 21-day project window from the initial document delivery date. During this window, Clients have 21 days to review their documents, ask questions, and request revisions. Revisions can be provided via phone or email. Scientech will incorporate any changes or modifications within 48 business hours following the Client’s request.

If final approval has not been received by the end of business hours on day 21, Scientech will constitute acceptance of the project, render it finalized, and be availed from any further responsibilities on the project. Any further revisions or edits requested outside of this project window will be billed at an hourly rate of $150.

A significant departure from the original draft provided will also incur additional fees as this constitutes a completely different document and is viewed as a different resume.

Scientech reserves the right to challenge Clients on edits and revisions that are not in the Client’s best benefit.

Revision Policy:

Revisions are typically minor and can easily be handled via email. Scientech also offers Clients’ the option to schedule phone or Skype/Zoom conference time to go over documents in more detail. These sessions are offered in 30-minute blocks.

It is incumbent upon the Client to be prepared for these sessions.

Review Session Cancellation:

Should Client schedule a review session and need to reschedule, no charge will be applied for the first time. Any subsequent cancellations will be subject to a $25 fee, which must be paid before further review sessions are scheduled.

Review Session No Show:

Should Client fail to show for the scheduled call without providing notice or rescheduling, Client will be billed half of the hourly rate of $75 to compensate for the loss of scheduled time that could have been reserved for another Client. No further review sessions will be scheduled until the no-show fee is compensated.

Review Session Late Arrival:

Arriving more than 15 minutes late for the review session without notice will be treated as a no-show and will be subject to the $75 fee. Review sessions will not be extended beyond the 30-minute timeframe due to lateness.

Our Payment & Refund Policies:

Per the industry standard, full payment is required before any drafts are provided to a Client to prevent any pirating or theft of completed work to date. Fees are not refundable once work on your project has begun. Payment plans are available through PayPal Credit.

PayPal Credit is currently only available to US-based Clients and is dependent on Client’s credit history.

Project Pricing:

The pricing ranges listed on our site for the different career levels are for general purposes only. The specific Client investment will be determined subsequent to an initial complimentary consultation and resume and LinkedIn review.

Scientech reserves the right to place Clients in lower or higher career levels and adjust project prices depending on the Client’s professional background, expertise, and the overall complexity of workPrices are also subject to change without notice.

Client acknowledges and understands that the project price takes into account Scientech’s expertise, skill and time. Further, the project price takes into account: (1) Client intake time, including e-mails back and forth between Scientech and Client concerning the project, (2) document strategy/typesetting/design/layout, and (3) proofreading and editing.

Hourly Consulting Rate:

Scientech offers an hourly consulting rate. A base minimum of 1 hour at $150 is required. Hourly work includes career consulting, interview coaching, networking strategy sessions, or editing (outside of the project window). Scientech can bill ahead of time or store credit card information on file to bill immediately following the session. We will test the card in advance.


Client further acknowledges and understands that once payment is made, should Client wish to cancel project, the following penalties will be assessed:

  • Cancellation after the project is paid for, but before work has begun: a full refund will be made minus any PayPal/Square transaction fees.
  • Cancellation after work has begun, but before the first draft is provided to Client: 50% of the total project will be refunded to Client minus any PayPal/Square transaction fees.
  • Cancellation after the first draft is provided to Client:100% of the total project investment is retained by Scientech due to the fact that we are not able to recoup lost time in preparing and writing new Client documents. Client also acknowledges that in order for Scientech to meet Client project deadline that we may be required to turn away additional projects from other clients and that time is compensable.

To date, Scientech has not issued any refunds but we do hear of “nightmare chronic chargeback” clients within the career services industry. We file every email as well as updates of each document that we prepare for clients. If clients are unhappy for any reason, we strive to work with them to ensure 100% satisfaction with the content in the documents. If the client is still demanding money back and even goes through their credit card company, we are prepared to show documentation of work rendered.

Project Timeline:

Unless other arrangements are made, Client agrees to finalize resume (or accept work as written) within 21 days from the date of completion of resume. Client also agrees that he/she is solely responsible for meeting this deadline and that Scientech is not liable for any changes requested by Client after the expiration of the 21-day window. Scientech is not legally responsible for any errors on the document and/or a client’s subsequent career path.

Scientech offers Clients the opportunity to upgrade their career packages by paying the difference within the 21-day project window.

Restart Fee:

Due to substantial costs incurred by us to stop and restart a project once it is underway, should a project be suspended at any time for more than 30 days by the Client, for any reason beyond extenuating circumstances or not mutually agreed to, a project restart fee of 10% of the project’s costs will be due and payable ahead of work re-commencing.

Extenuating circumstances are those that are outside of Client control. Examples of extenuating circumstances include (but are not limited to): sudden illness (Client or a Client family member), death in Client family, childbirth (including a partner in labor), hospitalization (including operations), jury duty that cannot be deferred, extensive work-related travel, recent burglary/theft, or a serious car accident.

Extenuating circumstances do NOT include: appointments (legal, medical, etc.) that can easily be rearranged, time management problems (not meeting project deadlines), alarm clock not going off, sporting or recreational commitments (unless Client is representing university/college in a national/international tournament or competition), child care problems that Client could have anticipated, accidents or illnesses that affect Clients’ relatives or friends (unless serious or Client is the sole caregiver), or territorial Army commitments (unless unavoidable).

Rush Services:

For those Clients with more urgent needs, Scientech provides both 3- and 6-business day RUSH delivery options. If Client requires work to be done over the weekend, Client may incur both weekend AND 3- or 6-business day rush fees.

  • Weekend consultations will incur a $150 additional project fee.
  • 3-business day turnaround time adds an additional 50% of project investment.
  • 6-business day turnaround time adds an additional 25% of project investment.

Please call 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.com to let us know if you require a rush service. Scientech cannot always accept rush projects, depending on current availability and project workload. We do not do 24- or 48-hour turnaround time.

Our Privacy Policy:

Any information provided to Scientech by both Clients AND Prospective Clients by email, phone, Skype, Zoom conference, or other formats will not be shared with other entities, except as required for normal business and marketing purposes. All Client professional documents are fictionalized in order to be published in articles, books, and industry-related publications at the discretion of Scientech Resumes LLC, and with the understanding that all Client personal information (name, email address, phone number, LinkedIn URL, and professional work history) will be fictionalized to protect client confidentiality.

All Client documents are electronically stored and backed up on the cloud. Therefore, if Client computer should crash or Client is unable to access documents for whatever reason, Scientech will forward a copy of Client’s finalized documents at no additional charge. If Client should request that Scientech remove their documents or other personal information from our database, please contact 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.com to let us know.

Legal Information:

Scientech uses its professional ability, in good faith, to create superior resumes and other career marketing documents to get Clients interviews. Scientech cannot guarantee jobs since we do not control the effort a Client will make in obtaining a job or how the Client will behave during the interview process.

Scientech maintains that it cannot guarantee interviews or jobs or career outcomes as market conditions vary and it is incumbent upon Clients to aggressively partake in the job search process, including properly applying for qualifying positions that Client meets the requirements for. Scientech is not responsible for Client’s use or non-use of the resume or writing project. In addition, Scientech cannot control the competition in obtaining a position. Finally, at times, employers will not fill positions which are advertised.

Scientech is not liable for any inaccurate, incorrect, or misleading information in the prepared materials as Client is required to review the materials and approve the entire content prior to final delivery. Scientech is not responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of the information provided by Client. Scientech is not responsible for consequential damages of any kind that Client may incur from inaccurate documents, edits to documents at Client’s request that coincide with Scientech expert recommendations, or while utilizing Scientech’s resume writing services, and Client agrees to hold Scientech harmless from any such liability. Should Client wish to file suit against Scientech, the jurisdiction/choice of law shall be in Washington and each party shall bear its own costs in filing suit.

Upon Client approval and possession of Scientech work product, absolutely NO refunds will be permitted unless otherwise required by applicable law.

Intellectual Property:

Scientech owns all content and information posted on Scientech’s website. No one may copy, distribute, or use any of the content, including these Terms and Conditions, for any reason, without the express written consent of the Scientech. Scientech reserves the right to update the terms of service at any time, and Client agrees to abide by the terms of service as amended.