Writing Process

Our highly personalized, one-to-one STEM resume writing service involves a 3-step writing process. Most projects average anywhere from 10-15+ hours, with 2+ hours of coaching and consulting time, and Kate handles your project from the beginning to the end. Each resume we craft is unique and adheres to modern resume writing trends, including strategic keyword optimization to navigate applicant tracking systems (ATS) and help you get found by people that need to know you.

1) Preliminary 20-Minute Discovery Session

Before beginning any project, we require a preliminary, free 20-minute session (Schedule HERE), which covers:

  • Your career goals (where you are now & where you want to be)
  • Job search challenges, strategies used, and results, if applicable
  • Existing resume’s strengths & weaknesses, if you have an existing resume
  • The writing process, service options, and investment

This session helps to get a better understanding of your needs and career goals. Once you have decided to hire Scientech, we will initiate the information-gathering process, which is designed to help you dig deep and uncover your unique value, including specific career accomplishments, hard/soft skills, and other key contributions that align with your desired career target(s). The 2 options for information-gathering are detailed below in step 2.

2) The Information Gathering & Career Discovery Process

Information Gathering:

Following the completion and return of the questionnaire, we will review it and compare it to your existing resume (if you have one) and the supplementary information you provided and perform additional research on your career target(s).

Supplementary (optional) information can include, but is not limited to:

  • Sample job postings (1-3) that reflect your desired career target(s)
  • Current and former performance reviews
  • Alternative versions of a resume or cover letter
  • Personality assessments (i.e. Myers Briggs, DiSC, StrengthFinders, etc.)
  • Professional bio
  • Specific information regarding projects you led and supported

We can start the process more quickly and save you the hassle of filling out a lengthy questionnaire by collecting all of the required information in a 60-90-minute Zoom interview session. The non-questionnaire supplement can be added to any resume and LinkedIn package for an additional investment of $497 and includes one additional round of revisions (3 revisions total) and one additional 30-minute project strategy session (2 project strategy sessions total).

30-Minute Career Discovery Session:

You will be invited to book a 30-minute career discovery session to expand and clarify the information you provided in your questionnaire. We will also cover your key career themes and the strategy for crafting your new resume (and other documents). Depending on the level of detail in the questionnaire, this 30-minute meeting is not always needed.

If the non-questionnaire supplement is selected, the 30-minute career discovery session will not occur.

Anything you share with us throughout the project is kept confidential.

Rush Services: 

For clients with more urgent needs, we offer 3- and 5-business-day delivery options at an additional investment. Please email kate@scientechresumes.com ahead of time to check availability since rush projects cannot always be accommodated.

Unless a rush service is purchased, all documents will be delivered at the standard turnaround time of 7-10 business days following the conclusion of the information-gathering process.

Rush fees are calculated in the following manner:

  • 3 business days: 50% of the original project investment
  • 5 business days: 25% of the original project investment
  • Weekend consultation/work will add $300 to the overall project investment

Since Scientech often has anywhere from a 2-3 week waiting list for new client projects, it is critical that you show up on time and be prepared to fully participate in the process. Scientech sends email and text reminders 3 days, 1 day, and 1 hour before any and all career discovery and coaching sessions.

  • Session No Show.

Failure to attend a scheduled meeting will result in a $97 no-show fee to compensate for preparation and missed time and for taking away a project time slot that could have been reserved for another client. No rescheduling will occur until the no-show fee is compensated.

  • Session Late arrival.

Arriving more than 15 minutes late to the session without notice or rescheduling will be considered a no-show and result in a $97 late fee. The session will not be extended beyond the scheduled timeframe due to lateness and could result in project delays.

  • Last-minute/Serial Rescheduling.

We understand that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can surface, which prevent you from keeping your scheduled appointment time. If you need to reschedule last minute, you may do so at no charge for the first time. Any subsequent rescheduling and/or serial rescheduling and cancellations within 5 hours of the scheduled meeting will result in a $25 fee. No rescheduling will occur until the fee is rendered.

Coaching Services:

Scientech offers supplementary job search, interview preparation, networking, and LinkedIn coaching services on an hourly basis that can be added at any time during the project duration.

No-shows and late arrivals to coaching sessions will result in a $97 fee to compensate Scientech for missed time. No rescheduling will occur until the $97 fee is rendered.

3) The Revision Process

All documents are delivered to you by email within 7-10 business days unless rush service is purchased after the information-gathering process is complete.

We want our clients to be happy and confident with their new resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other documents. Most revisions are minor and can usually be handled by email. Each resume package includes:

  • 2 rounds of revisions. The first round must be received within 5 business days following document delivery.
  • A 30-minute project strategy session to discuss ANY AND ALL changes to your documents.

The 30-minute project strategy session must be scheduled within 5 business days following new document delivery unless separate arrangements have been made and mutually agreed to.

Once we receive your revision requests via email or discussed in the 30-minute project strategy session, you will receive your revised documents within 2-3 business days. You will have one more round of revisions due in 5 business days. The second round is for final proofreading and minor edits only.

No major rewriting will occur at the final revision stage. Introducing new information during the revision process not discussed in the questionnaire or the 30-minute career discovery session will be billed at $197/hour (1-hour minimum).

If an unexpected event comes up that delays your time in reviewing the documents, let us know, and we can make separate arrangements. Unexpected events include sudden illness (you, family member, pet), surgery, death in the family, natural disasters, or extensive travel due to work.

Document Finalization:

Your final resume will be prepared and emailed in the following 3 formats.

  • MS Word
  • PDF
  • ATS-Optimized MS Word

Any revisions requested after project finalization will be billed at $197/hour (1-hour minimum).

All projects are finalized in 10 business days unless separate arrangements have been made and mutually agreed to. Scientech tries to follow up with each client via email, but you are solely responsible for meeting this deadline.

Guarantees & Benefits

Our relationship does not end once you walk away with your brand-new resume package.

Our services are built on longevity, accessibility, and long-term professional partnerships. We always enjoy hearing from our clients about their job search progress (especially success stories), many of whom have credited our partnership with landing more (and better) interview opportunities.

As a client, you are eligible for and benefit from:

  • 3-Month Follow-up. A complimentary 30-minute consultation check-in to review your job search progress.
  • Returning Client Update Service. Come back every 1-2 years for an update at a special returning client rate.
  • Client Referral & Rewards Program. Earn a $50 credit when you refer someone who invests in services.
  • Lifetime Email Access. Email us any questions about job searching, networking, interview prep, etc.
  • Lifetime Document Storage. If you lose your documents, email kate@scientechresumes.com.
  • Bonus Content. Access to valuable content on modern job search, resume branding, networking strategies, etc.