New Graduates

You went to college, earned your degree, and did everything “right.”

So why does the job search process feel like moving through cement?













Previous generations were able to land a new job without a college degree or by simply going into a place of business and shaking hands and introducing themselves to the Hiring Manager, and introduce yourself. Those days are long gone.

The hard truth? Colleges and universities sell you a dream.

The dream that all you need to do is graduate with a college degree and jobs will be waiting for you.

I wish that were true. Instead, many new graduates face the classic catch-22: How the hell do you land an entry-level job with no experience if (nearly) every job requires experience?

While this paradox is infuriating, new graduates do get jobs.

A lack of traditional experience gives you an advantage.

We will work together to redefine what “experience” you offer and give prospective employers a damn good reason to hire you by flipping the script to focus on what you offer versus what you lack, such as:

  • Research experiences and capstone projects
  • Relevant internships and other part-/full-time work
  • Volunteer experience and campus involvement

Why use a certified resume writer over a college career center?

Many college and university career centers offer advice on resume writing. Unfortunately, the majority are limited in resources and still use outdated information that does not align with modern resume writing and personal branding standards. All of this works against you and the first impression that you want to leave on an employer.

Additionally, working with many clients in STEM fields, many career centers are ill-equipped to help you balance the technical and transferable aspects for those difficult-to-fill science, technology, engineering, or mathematics-related positions.

Common challenges:

  • The promotion and recycling of the same old generic resume templates with the default Times New Roman font.
  • Little to no knowledge on the technologies used in the modern job market and how they affect the way resumes are read.
  • A lack of awareness on the crucial role that personal branding and social media (LinkedIn) play in the hiring process.
  • Little to no emphasis on how to effectively build and maintain a professional network and connect with recruiters.
  • No education on how to conduct a proper job search strategy or prepare for an interview.

You’ve worked hard for your degree. Let’s make it work for you.

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Resume & LinkedIn Packages

Resume and cover letter packages are generally priced between $395-$795.

Packages with a LinkedIn service run between $795-$1295.

The total investment will depend on each client’s career situation, direction, and the complexity of work involved.

Need a payment plan? Scientech currently offers 2 options:

  • PayPal Credit. Invest in yourself and pay over time. Enjoy zero interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99+. This option requires a PayPal account and is only available to US-based clients.
  • 50/50 Payment Plan. Put down 50% of project investment (non-refundable) to reserve your spot in our project queue. The second 50% will be due prior to new document delivery.
Important Note On Rush Services
Due to increased demand for Scientech Resumes’ services, rush services are NOT being offered at this time.

New graduate resume samples: All samples are fictionalized to protect client confidentiality.

See New Graduate/Entry-Level Resume Samples

New Graduate Resume Packages Include:

  • A one-to-one 60-90 minute career discovery session to uncover your unique value and provide great interview practice.
  • Standard delivery of 7-10 business days, excludes weekends and holidays, following the career discovery session.
  • 2 rounds of revisions in 10 business days following new document delivery. Terms of Service apply.
  • Final versions of your documents in 3 formats: MS Word, PDF, and ATS-optimized MS Word.
  • Lifetime document storage. Simply email Kate if you should lose your documents for whatever reason.
  • Eligibility for our Client Referral  & Rewards Program. Earn a $50 credit anytime you refer someone who invests in services.
  • Eligibility for our Returning Client Update Service: come back every 1-2 years for an update at a special rate.
  • Value-added Resource Guides: How to Optimize Your Resume for Digital Eyes, 7-Steps to Interview Preparation, Cover Letter Cheat Sheet, Resume Checklist, LinkedIn Update Checklist, Maintaining Continuous Visibility on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Profile Update Checklist. The LinkedIn guides are only included with packages that include a LinkedIn service.
  • 4 BONUS guides on Kickstarting Your Job Search, Creating a Robust Job Search Strategy, Creating Meaningful Results for Informational Interviews, and Informational Interview Messaging Scripts. 

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Getting into your next job faster by equipping yourself with job search and networking strategies to set you up for success.
  • Reduced stress levels by partnering with a recognized career professional who can view your career path objectively.
  • Savings in time and money by getting a branded, targeted career documents in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Greater professional agility to act upon those “too-good-to-pass-up” career opportunities that surface out of nowhere.
  • Renewed confidence and self-awareness in your experience, qualities, and value to gain traction with prospective employers.
  • Lifetime access to an experienced career-marketing professional. Simply email Kate with your question. Terms apply.
  • Interview practice via our career discovery session to help you communicate what you already know about yourself.

Individual Services: Consider the savings when you bundle services versus purchasing individually.

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New Graduate/Entry-Level Resume For students, interns, and new graduates, with 0-3 years of experience, looking to establish a professional foothold and shape your career trajectory. Resume and cover letter packages are generally priced between $395-$595 and is dependent on each client’s career situation and the complexity of the work involved. Need more than one resume? A second version will be 50% of the initial resume cost.


LinkedIn Profile In today’s modern job market, it is vital to have an engaging, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile that reflects your personal brand and inspires people to connect with you. New graduate packages that include a LinkedIn profile are generally priced between $695-$1095 and is dependent on each client’s individual career situation and the complexity of the work involved.


Cover Letter – $175  A well-written cover letter, showcasing how your qualifications and career successes align with the target position, is essential in determining if your impressive resume leaps to the top of the “yes” pile or lands in the rejection stack. The importance of a powerful cover letter cannot be overstated, especially if you want to be in the running with those who take the initiative to submit one in the first place. 


Thank You Letter – $175  A post-interview thank you letter is a necessary (and often overlooked) tool for any job seeker that can influence hiring decision-makers and increase your chances of subsequent interviews (or a job offer) while validating your candidacy, building rapport, and reminding the interviewer of your ability to produce results.


Reference Sheet – $150 A reference sheet equips you with a list of people who can verify and positively elaborate on your professional achievements and contributions for a potential employer. This document can include testimonials from previous managers or colleagues who can offer third-party validation for your candidacy.


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