STEM Cover Letter E-Guide

STEM Cover Letter Guide


STEM Cover Letter E-Guide (Downloadable PDF) – $44.99 

By Kate Williamson, MS

A comprehensive, easy-to-use guide written for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals, and jam-packed with insider advice on writing compelling, ATS-friendly STEM cover letters that help you get noticed by employers and land more (and better) interviews.


Get instant access to:

  • 9 sample STEM cover letters reflecting various professions in different styles and formats.
  • A master list of action verbs to add energy and communicate your skills and experience.
  • 7 actionable strategies, including non-traditional methods, for identifying the Hiring Manager.
  • Sample messaging scripts and tips for addressing career gaps and challenging situations.
  • Methods for writing attention-grabbing subject lines to increase the chances of readability.
  • A final cover letter checklist to stay organized and cover your bases before you hit send.
  • A framework for writing and sending ATS-friendly letters in e-note and traditional formats.
  • FAQs that cut through the BS and other conflicting career advice found all over the Internet.
  • Hyperlinked content to additional Scientech and external resources that expand on relevant topics.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a “master” cover letter to modify, adapt, and submit for your job applications.
  • Highlight relevant experience, education, and skills that position you for your career target(s).
  • Tell engaging stories that address the employer’s specific challenges and move them to action.
  • Strategically share information about challenging situations (i.e., layoff, relocation, career change).
  • Ask for an interview! This strategy DOUBLES your chances of landing an interview.

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Kate Williamson is a former R&D Applications Technician and Product Development Engineer with a Master’s in applied chemistry focused on polymers and coatings. She has spent several years working in specialty chemical manufacturing environments in the US and the Netherlands before establishing Scientech Resumes LLC, which caters exclusively to STEM professionals across diverse career stages, from new graduates to c-suite executives.

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