International Resumes

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International resumes encompass the same elements as a domestic resume. However, there are some differences in the style, format, and content. Applying for an international position can be exciting. The experience that you can gain from working in an international environment will be highly valued throughout the rest of your professional career. One key point to keep in mind is that the majority of international positions, at least 85%, will be North American-based organizations with a global presence. This means that these employers will be familiar with North American style resumes, but the way that the content is presented matters.

International vs. Domestic Resumes

The primary difference between international and domestic resumes is that the international style places more emphasis on your personality. This is logical because many international environments employ people from all over the world from many different cultures. Therefore, how effectively you work with people from diverse backgrounds is an important indicator in how you may function in an international setting.

In writing an international resume, I focus on matching your personality traits with the employer´s ideal professional candidate profile. In addition, your cross-cultural skills need to be emphasized. Cross-cultural skills can range from tutoring, volunteering, studying abroad, foreign language skills, or traveling and interacting with the locals abroad. When writing your STAR (Situation – Task – Action – Results) statements, any achievement that involves how well you worked or related to people with different personalities and ethnic backgrounds will add further impact to your resume while enhancing you as a prime international candidate.

Many international resumes ask for specific information that you would not normally provide on a US resume. Some examples include your date of birth, marital status, nationality, your hobbies, and some employers will even ask you to provide a photo. Depending on what country the position you are applying is located in, the required information for your resume may vary.

International Resumes for STEM Professionals

Many STEM careers, especially in engineering and information technology, offer fantastic opportunities to work overseas. Working abroad allows you to experience life in other countries through permanent or contract positions, internships, short business trips, volunteering, or other overseas opportunities. No matter where you are in your professional career, working abroad is a great way to gain some perspective, grow your professional network, do a little traveling, and enhance your professional success story.

As an expatriate, I have worked with many English-speaking foreign nationals from all over the world in countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates, to tell their professional success stories. I work with you to discuss highlight your cross-cultural skills, accomplishments, and your career goals and target your resume to be compelling and engaging while being presented in a style that aligns with the desired resume format of the country in which you are looking for work.

International Resume Packages Include:

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