Resume Writing

Your resume is your ultimate career marketing weapon.

People make their first impression of you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. Your resume gets even less time.

In today’s modern job market, there are 3 major challenges that job seekers face:

  • Increased competition. People are living and working longer, which means more resumes and applications for employers to review. An online job posting receives an average of 250 applicants. Employers spend an average of 4-6 seconds viewing resumes. Your value must instantly win over the employer and move him or her to take action … calling you for an interview!
  • Applicant tracking software (ATS). These programs are used by more than 80% of large- and medium-sized companies to stream the hiring process and weed out unqualified candidates. This is where the majority of job seekers get hurt since many qualified candidates are eliminated because they are not adequately portrayed on their resume.
  • Maintaining an online personal brand. Many job seekers are unaware that LinkedIn plays a crucial role in being found for the right opportunities. In addition to having a targeted, branded, and evidence-based resume, you need an online profile that is easily searchable by employers (and other people that need to know you) and communicates your unique promise of value.

How many opportunities have you lost out on due to a sub-standard resume?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know the answer to this question. It can take days, weeks, and months of sending out a mediocre resume to realize that you’ve thrown away opportunities and wasted time and money that could have been saved by investing in a branded resume package that got you into your next job faster with greater results. 

Whether you’re unemployed or underemployed, a branded and achievement-focused resume is a valuable investment in yourself that can shorten your job search by days, weeks, and months while increasing your chances of getting noticed by Hiring Managers as much as 40%.

Do you know how much your job search is costing you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

Writing a resume is about more than creating an attractive document.

Together, we are assembling a highly strategic puzzle that must address the needs of 3 distinct audiences:

  • ATS. These programs serve as the digital gatekeeper – scanning your resume, extracting keywords and keywords phrases, and score and rank your resume based on how well it matches the key selection criteria. When navigating AI, you cannot assume that the reader will know what you did based on your job title(s). If your resume is not customized for the target role, it will not be read by a human reader, which means no interview invitations or even a response from the employer in many cases.
  • Recruiters & HR Professionals. These people are typically not familiar with your position unless they held it previously. With hundreds of resumes to review, next to their regular recruitment and HR duties, attention spans are short. The goal is to make HR's job as easy as possible by staking a claim on the advertised position and establishing a clear direction for the reader so that he or she can picture you in that role.
  • Hiring Decision-maker. Your resume has bypassed ATS and the frontline recruiter or HR professional. Now, your resume is part of a smaller stack of seemingly qualified professionals to be reviewed by the hiring decision-maker. This person will take a more detailed approach, drilling into the finer details of your achievements and contributions, to determine if they want to invite you for an interview.

The Resume Writing Service

Kate is committed to working with job seekers and entrepreneurs worldwide, who operate from a growth-oriented mindset and understand that an investment in themselves pays dividends. When you work with Kate, you’re working with a strategic career marketing partner. The reason that our clients get the results that they do is that we ask them to work with us as a team. Together, we create a strong personal marketing solution that will address your job search challenges, position you for your desired career target(s), and help you gain traction with potential employers.

Kate works with people from all backgrounds and career levels. While trained to write for career professionals from all industry background, Kate specializes in working with those who are looking to pursue or advance a career in a science, engineering, technology (including IT), medical/healthcare, and mathematics. Select your career-level below to get started.

New Graduates & Entry-level | Young Professionals | Mid-career Professionals | Non-executive Managers

IT Professionals | Senior Executives | C-suite Executives | International Professionals (curriculum vitae)

Not sure which career level you fall into? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

What’s included in the resume writing service?

  • A 60-90 minute one-to-one collaborative consultation and branding strategy session.
  • A branded, keyword-weighted, and achievement-focused resume that illustrates your strengths, experience, and knowledge and expertise. Kate creates resumes that are specifically customized for each client to stand out from their competition. All resumes are built from scratch and we do not use templates.
  • The finalized version of your resume in 3 formats: MS Word, PDF, and ATS-optimized MS Word. You can rest assured that you will be able to navigate any online application scenario with these 3 formats.
  • No lengthy questionnaires or worksheets are used in the writing process, unless you do not have an existing resume.
  • FREE copies of our e-guides, How to Optimize Your Resume for Digital Eyes (a $24.95 value), and Scientech Resumes 7 Step Interview Preparation Plan (a $34.95 value).