Our Clients

It all starts with getting to know you.


We have worked with people from all sorts of diverse backgrounds and industries across the career-level spectrum. Whether you’re a new graduate looking to land your first job, a young or mid-career professional looking to make a career change or advance to a higher level, or a seasoned CEO with 30+ years of experience, we will help you put the focus where it belongs.

Our client list includes (but is not limited to):

Mechanical Engineers R&D Scientists Chemists Pharmacists Physicians Medical Researchers Project Managers

Data Scientists Sales & Marketing Operations Managers  Patent Lawyers Systems Engineers Environmental Engineers

IT Support Food Production Chiropractors | Nurses Product Managers Medical Device Scientists Software Engineers

Civil Engineers Paralegals Cybersecurity Managers Director of IT Executive VP C-suite Executives General Managers

R&D Directors  Senior Consultants  Chemical Engineers IT Service Delivery Sales Directors  Risk & Compliance Managers


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We empower job seekers to re-establish their unique value to themselves and redefine that first impression you make with potential employers.


  • Your goals are our goals. We are committed to helping you move your career in the desired direction and love working one-on-one with our clients to hear about all of the awesome things they’ve achieved and contributed throughout their career history. The best part? Hearing from clients who have landed their dream job!
  • Our collaborative partnership is based on mutual trust, respect, and authenticity. We value integrity and wish to see all of our clients achieve their career goals. We will also be honest, clear, and direct to set the appropriate expectations up front. It’s important to recognize that this process is not a one-and-done deal or a cure-all for all of your job search woes.
  • We pride ourselves on our one-to-one personalized approach. During our time together, you will work directly with Kate, who will guide you through and beyond the process of simply writing your resume. Our services include built-in coaching and value-added resources and tools that teach you how to use your new resume effectively in your job search.
  • You will have the space to reflect thoughtfully on your career and express your concerns without judgment. It’s not unusual to feel uncomfortable sharing your career concerns and uncertainties with friends and family. We understand the challenges that many job seekers face in the modern job market and we will work with you to help get you where you want to go.
  • We don’t settle for mediocrity and neither do our clients. You’re here because you understand the value of making an investment in yourself (and your career) and we take our obligation to make your investment work for you very seriously. That being said, we are also committed to making the resume writing process as fun and engaging for you as possible.


We recognize that sometimes we cannot help ...
Writing a resume is a serious business that requires an understanding of modern recruitment and hiring strategies, an ability to objectively analyze how to package a client’s unique value, and sophisticated writing skills. We cannot help people who are unwilling to put in the necessary work to set themselves up for success. The reason our clients get the results that they do is that we ask them to work with us as a partner. We cannot help people who do not have a clear career direction and expect us to figure out how to position them. We cannot help those who simply turned up for the job on time and have never tried to go beyond expectations to achieve anything at work or better themselves, their colleagues, or their clients. We will not waste our time with people who have a commodity mindset and will step over a dollar to pick up a dime. Our work is worth every penny of your investment. Finally, we will not compromise our values, ethics, and integrity to lie on your resume.

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