Non-Executive Managers & High-Degree Professionals

Are you seeking a role that balances your ability to exert influence without authority while managing complex internal and external networks?


For Non-Executive Managers and high-level professionals with 10+ years experience below the Director, VP, and C-level or professionals with an MBA, MS, JD, Ph.D., etc., and 5+ years experience looking to advance.

Let’s demonstrate your capability as an accomplished, professional, strategic, and results-oriented leader who has built and led cross-functional teams and implemented successful initiatives that saved time and money while maximizing revenues and profits.


Primary challenges for job seekers looking to advance to the managerial level:

  • Letting go of that “me mindset.”

Before becoming a manager, your value was defined by your individual achievements and contributions. Your success will be measured by the outcomes you produce and your ability to empower your team.

  • Making the most of your time. 

As a manager, you must look at things from a holistic viewpoint to balance your workload, consistently guide your team, and maintain focus on the bigger picture.

  • Expanding your toolbox.

Your ability to delegate, coach, provide feedback, promote a positive workplace culture, and track performance will be key to increasing your organizational impact.

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Resume & LinkedIn Packages

Resume and cover letter packages are generally priced between $897-$1199, while packages that include a LinkedIn profile are priced between $1299-$1799. The total investment will differ based on each client’s career situation, direction, and the complexity of work.

Need a payment plan? Scientech currently offers 2 options:

Invest in yourself and pay over time. Enjoy zero interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99+. This option requires a PayPal account and is only available to US-based clients.

  • 50/50 Payment Plan.

Put down 50% of the project investment (non-refundable) to reserve your spot in our project queue. The second 50% will be due after completing the information-gathering process and before the new document delivery.

Rush Services
For those with more urgent needs, Scientech offers 3- and 5-business-day delivery options at a premium rate which is calculated based on the project investment. Email if you require rush service since they cannot always be accommodated. For more details, check out the Writing Process.

Non-executive resume samples: Names and personal information are fictionalized to protect client confidentiality.

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Non-executive Resume Packages Include:

  • Information Gathering:

The standard process involves completing a comprehensive questionnaire to uncover your key achievements, impact, and unique value, followed by a 30-minute career discovery session to clarify the information you provided and ensure we’re on the same page regarding the project’s focus. A non-questionnaire alternative in the form of a 60-90-minute Zoom interview can be substituted for an additional investment of $300.

  • Turnaround Time:

Standard delivery is 7-10 business days, excluding weekends and holidays, following the completion of the information-gathering process. Scientech offers 3- or 5-business-day delivery options for those with more urgent needs at a premium rate. Rush rates are calculated based on the project investment. Email for availability. For more details, check out the Writing Process

  • Revision Process:

2 rounds in 10 business days following new document delivery. Terms of Service apply.

  • Final Documents:

Receive your final targeted, keyword-optimized documents in 3 formats: MS Word, PDF, and ATS-optimized MS Word. An ASCII plain text version is available upon request at no additional charge.

  • Lifetime Email Support: 

Our relationship does not end with your project. If you have any questions about the job search process, email and receive a reply that same day or the following business day. All questions related to the job search, networking, LinkedIn, interview preparation, salary negotiation, etc., are fair game. This service does not apply to questions related to reviewing or requesting document edits outside of the established project window. 

  • Bonus Content:

Scientech Resumes takes seriously the obligation to make your investment work for you. Each resume package has bonus content to help your job search beyond the resume. Bonus content includes job search strategies, LinkedIn networking tips, interview preparation advice, and sample messaging scripts for contacting recruiters, networking contacts, or asking for LinkedIn recommendations.

  • Lifetime Document Storage: 

All client files are backed up and stored for a lifetime. If you lose your documents for ANY reason, call/text 971.770.1460 or email Kate, and I’ll send them to you at no additional charge. If you want to opt out of lifetime document storage, please submit a written request to

  • Referral  & Rewards Program: 

Earn a $50 credit anytime you refer someone who invests in services. These credits do not expire and can be redeemed towards any future service.

  • Returning Client Update Service:

All clients are automatically eligible for update services every 1-2 years at a 25% savings rate. Email

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Getting into your next job faster by equipping yourself with job search and networking strategies to set you up for success.
  • Reduced stress levels by partnering with a recognized career professional who can view your career path objectively.
  • Savings in time and money by getting branded, targeted career documents in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Greater professional agility to act upon those “too-good-to-pass-up” career opportunities that surface from nowhere.
  • Renewed confidence and self-awareness in your experience, qualities, and value to gain traction with prospective employers.
  • Lifetime access to an experienced career-marketing professional. Simply email Kate with your question. Terms apply.
  • Interview practice via our career discovery session to help you communicate what you already know about yourself.

Individual Services:

Non-Executive Manager Resume  For those with 10+ years of experience or high-degree professionals (MBA, MS, JD, Ph.D.) with 5+ years of experience, looking to pursue a managerial position with hiring and firing responsibilities below Director- and VP-level. Resume and cover letter packages are generally priced between $897-$1199 and will differ based on each client’s individual career situation and the complexity of the work involved. Need more than one resume? A second version will be 50% of the initial resume cost.


LinkedIn Profile In today’s modern job market, it is vital to have an engaging, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile that reflects your personal brand and inspires people to connect with you. Young professional packages that include a LinkedIn profile are generally priced between $1299-$1799 and will differ based on each client’s individual career situation and the complexity of the work involved. Check out Scientech’s approach to writing LinkedIn profiles.



Cover Letter – $350  A well-written cover letter showcasing how your qualifications and career successes align with the target position is essential in determining if your impressive resume leaps to the top of the “yes” pile or lands in the rejection stack. The importance of a powerful cover letter cannot be overstated in highlighting what sets you apart from other candidates. Check out Scientech’s approach to writing STEM cover letters.


Thank You Letter – $200  A post-interview thank you letter is a necessary (and often overlooked) tool for any job seeker that can influence hiring decision-makers and increase your chances of subsequent interviews (or a job offer) while validating your candidacy, building rapport, and reminding the interviewer of your ability to produce results.


Executive Career Biography – $450  An executive career biography is a storytelling tool that reinforces your brand and breathes new life into your professional story. Your bio will showcase your leadership and management acumen through softer skills and “good fit” attributes that link to your value proposition.


Value Proposition Letter – $250  A Value Proposition Letter is a brief and persuasive account of what you accomplish, not what you do. Typically focused on CEOs, Directors, Business Owners, and other top decision-makers, this short, impactful letter has more power to grab and hold a reader’s attention by establishing your achievements through specific metrics and facts to achieve instant credibility.


Reference Sheet – $175 A reference sheet provides a list of people who can verify and positively elaborate on your professional achievements and contributions to a potential employer. This document can include testimonials from previous managers or colleagues who can offer third-party validation for your candidacy.


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