New Graduate/Entry-Level

You’ve worked hard for your degree. It’s time to make your degree work for you.

The greatest challenge for many new graduates and entry-level professionals is a classic job search catch-22. Companies don’t want to hire you without experience and you cannot get experience until you’re hired. We’ve seen this paradox often manifest itself in many of our new graduate clients, such as not applying for roles that you are capable of performing because you don’t meet all the selection criteria.

The reality is most companies want to hire new graduates like yourself because you are coachable, eager to apply what you learned throughout your academic career, and a great long-term investment. The catch-22 situation stems from not effectively positioning your unique assets. A well-written resume with a qualitative focus will kindle an employer’s interest, increase your marketing potential, and put you miles ahead of your peers. 








  • Your education is your greatest asset. We will dig deep into your capstone projects, campus and volunteer involvement, and relevant areas of your academic foundation to highlight how you put what you learned into action.
  • A relevant internship or co-op experience on your resume will provide you with a leg up over your competition. The skills and experience you acquired will give you something to share with the employer during the interview.
  • If you that can’t claim internship experience, have no fear. What transferable skills did you acquire throughout your full/part-time work or volunteer experiences? A “lack of traditional experience” and “no experience” are not the same. 

Why use a certified resume writer over a college career center?

Many college and university career centers offer advice on how to write a resume and a cover letter. Unfortunately, the majority of them are limited in their resources and knowledge on resume formats, job search technologies (applicant tracking systems), and the importance of keyword optimization. This is especially true for those of you looking to pursue one of those difficult-to-fill science, technology, engineering, or mathematics-related positions.

Some of the most common challenges we’ve seen (based on experience) include:

  • The promotion and recycling of the same old generic resume templates with the default Times New Roman font.
  • Little to no knowledge on the technologies used in the modern job market and how they affect the way resumes are read.
  • A lack of awareness on the crucial role that personal branding and social media (LinkedIn) play in the hiring process.
  • Little to no emphasis on how to effectively build and maintain a professional network and connect with recruiters.
  • No education on how to conduct a proper job search strategy or prepare for an interview.

These practices work against you and the impression that you want to leave on the employer. 

Remember, YOU are your greatest investment! 

Resume & LinkedIn Packages

Resume and cover letter packages are generally priced between $395-$595 while packages that include a LinkedIn profile are priced between $695-$1095. The total investment will differ based on each client’s career situation, direction, and the complexity of the work involved.

Need a payment plan? Spread your payments out for up to 6 months with zero interest through the flexible PayPal Credit payment plan. This option is only available for US-based clients.

Up against a tight deadline? Scientech Resumes offers both 3- and 6-business day turnaround RUSH packages. If you require work to be done over a weekend, you may incur 3- OR 6-business day RUSH fees AND weekend fees. Please call ahead to ensure Kate’s availability to accommodate your timeline at 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.comWe do not do 24- or 48-hour turnarounds.

New graduate resume samples: Names and personal information are fictionalized to protect client confidentiality.

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New Graduate Resume Packages Include:

  • A copy of the personal branding strategy used to produce your new resume (and other documents). Many clients have characterized this document as a “highly informative aid” that helped to answer questions raised during the review process.
  • A free copy of our e-guide, How to Optimize Your Resume for Digital Eyes ($24.95 value).
  • A free copy of our e-guide, Scientech Resumes: 7-Step Interview Preparation ($34.95 value).
  • Our free job search strategy checklist to help you cover all the angles when submitting applications during your job search. 
  • A free copy of our e-guide, LinkedIn for Continuous Career Management ($9.95 value). Only included with LinkedIn profile.

You will also benefit from:

  • A one-to-one personalized consultation (between 60-90 minutes) that serves as great interview practice.
  • An enhanced education and self-awareness on how to leverage personal branding to gain traction with employers.
  • Delivery of your new documents within 7-10 business days (excludes weekends and holidays).
  • Unlimited revisions within the 21-day project window (Terms & Conditions apply).
  • Final versions of your keyword-optimized resume in 3 different formats: MS Word, PDF, and ATS-optimized MS Word version.
  • Lifetime document storage in case you should lose your documents for whatever reason.
  • Eligibility for an update at a discounted rate, provided no more than 2 years have passed since we last worked together.


Individual Services: Consider the savings when you bundle services versus purchasing individually.

New Graduate/Entry-Level Resume For students, interns, and new graduates, with 0-3 years of experience, looking to establish a professional foothold and shape their career trajectory. Resume and cover letter packages are generally priced between $395-$595 and will differ based on each client’s career situation and the complexity of the work involved. Need more than one resume? A second version will be 50% of the initial resume cost.


LinkedIn Profile In today’s modern job market, it is vital to have an engaging, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile that reflects your personal brand and inspires people to connect with you. New graduate and entry-level packages that include a LinkedIn profile are generally priced between $695-$1095 and will differ based on each client’s individual career situation and the complexity of the work involved. Interested in a LinkedIn profile only? Let us know in the appointment form and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.


Cover Letter – $175  A well-written cover letter, showcasing how your qualifications and previous career successes align with the target position, is essential in determining if your impressive resume leaps to the top of the “yes” pile or lands in the rejection stack. The importance of a powerful cover letter cannot be overstated, especially if you want to be in the running with those who take the initiative to submit one in the first place. 

Thank You Letter – $175  A post-interview thank you letter is a necessary (and often overlooked) tool for any job seeker. By expressing your gratitude for the interview and recapping the highlights of the meeting, you revisit the reasons why you are the best candidate for the position. This letter can influence the hiring decision-makers and increase your chances of subsequent interviews (or a job offer) while validating your candidacy, building rapport, and reminding the interviewer of your ability to produce results.

Reference Sheet – $150 A reference sheet equips you with a list of people who can verify and positively elaborate on your professional achievements and contributions for a potential employer. This document can include testimonials from previous managers or colleagues who can provide an accurate and positive description of why you are a strong candidate for the position.