Resume Writing FAQs

Resume Writer & Career Coaching FAQs

If you are new to the professional resume writing and career coaching process, you may have many questions about what to look for and how to get started. Scientech Resumes works directly with clients worldwide from our office in Sisters, OR.

While most of our clients are based in the US and Canada, we have enjoyed working with people in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Norway, and more!

Below, you will find many of our most frequently asked questions, including details about the resume writing process, who we work with, coaching services, pricing, and more.

First time here? Welcome! We recommend checking out our post on how to research and evaluate resume writing services.

General Questions

We exclusively serve professionals, from new graduates to C-suites, looking to position themselves for roles in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Our clients have landed jobs with startups, SMEs/SMBs, and Fortune 500s in diverse industries, including the life sciences, semiconductors, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, and more.
STEM resumes are particularly challenging to write because we need to balance and connect your scientific and technical expertise and achievements to how they impacted the organization.
Kate combines her previous R&D and product development experience in the US and abroad and a Master's in applied chemistry with strong technical writing skills and knowledge of modern recruitment and hiring techniques to position you for the role(s) you want, not the one you have (unless they are the same thing), and get you into your next job faster.
We work one-on-one with each client using a robust information-gathering process to uncover your unique value, credibility, and skillset. From there, we use those details to create a targeted, keyword-optimized resume that resonates with 3 core types of readers: applicant tracking systems (ATS), recruiters/HR, and hiring decision-makers. Schedule your free 20-minute discovery meeting today.
We always start with a brief 20-25 minute chat to discuss your job search goals, challenges, and needs and assess if we are the right fit. Scientech does not take on every client. In those cases, we are happy to refer you to trusted colleagues, such as writers and coaches, who can better meet your needs. It's truly a win-win in that we help connect you with the experts that are best for you while we focus on the projects that are best for us.
Get started by scheduling your free 20-25 minute discovery meeting. You will not be obligated to pursue a project with us. That said, you will walk away from our meeting learning 1-2 new things you did not know coming in.
If we can help, we will let you know and share a proposal and contract, along with helpful resume feedback and a summary of our discussion. If you decide to move forward with a project, we will share the details to get the project started.
It all starts with the information-gathering process, of which there are 2 options: Our standard process involves a targeted information questionnaire, prepared individually for each client based on career background and desired direction, and a 30-minute follow-up session to clarify the information you provide and ensure we are on the same page. This process includes 2 rounds of revisions and a 30-minute project strategy session (post-document delivery).
Do you prefer a non-questionnaire alternative? Opt for a 90-minute Zoom interview instead. We will collect all the information needed for the project during that session, saving you the hassle of completing a questionnaire. Due to the impact on Scientech's project schedule and the extra preparation required for this supplement, this process will add an additional $500 to the project investment. It also includes 3 rounds of revisions and 2 project strategy sessions (30 minutes, post-document delivery) versus the standard process described above.
Click here to learn more about the resume writing process. Additionally, you can find more details about our resume writing services below: You will work one-on-one with Kate throughout the entire engagement. Once the information-gathering process is completed, you will receive your new documents between 7-10 business days. From there, we will refine your new resume and other documents until you are confident with the messages you want to communicate to prospective employers.
What does the investment look like? All projects are custom quoted and factor in a client's career stage, desired direction, services required, and the overall complexity of work. Client engagements range anywhere from $597 to $2597+. Prices are subject to change without notice. Before providing a quote, we require a complimentary 20-25 minute consultation to discuss your career goals and challenges in more detail and assess fit. Book here. Afterward, if we can help, we will provide you with a custom quote. You can always start with one package and add on services later.
If you have never hired a resume-writing service before, you may notice that prices can vary widely. The difference is in the details. You will see companies charging a fraction of what we charge, as little as $50 to $150, for a resume service. They offer insanely fast 24-48 hour turnaround times and make unrealistic guarantees, such as a job offer within 30 days. These are not high-end services. Oftentimes, these companies employ writers from overseas, where English is not the native language, and they have little to no understanding of modern resume writing, recruitment, and hiring trends. The writer does not take time to do a thorough discovery process or build a resume positioning strategy based on your career goals.
You have complete access to Kate during and after the engagement. We spend an average of 15-20+ hours on a project, including information gathering, consulting, research, strategizing, writing, proofreading, editing, etc. No work is outsourced, and each resume is developed from scratch, emphasizing each client's unique value. Writing specialized resumes for STEM professionals requires a balance between highlighting and connecting technical expertise to the impact on the team, department, organization, etc. Our research for each client goes above and beyond what most resume services will do. Our resumes continue to hold their value, with over 90% of our clients landing interviews and job offers within 3-4 months on average time for better, more high-quality positions and salaries.
If your needs are more urgent, we offer 3 and 5-business-day delivery options at an additional investment. Rush fees are calculated in the following manner:
  • 3 business days: Adds 50% to the original project investment
  • 5 business days: Adds 25% to the original project investment
Any weekend work or consultation will add $300 to the overall project investment. If you need a project done over a weekend, you may incur both 3-day or 5-day rush AND weekend rush fees.
Unless you select a rush service, all documents will be subject to our standard 7-10 business day turnaround time following the completion of the information-gathering process.
IMPORTANT: If you need rush service, please contact ahead of time for availability. At certain periods, we often have an average waiting list of 2-3 weeks for new client projects. Therefore, rush services cannot always be accommodated.
You can view my client testimonials on Google and LinkedIn. We recommend reviewing them as many include details about our process, how we work together, and the results they achieved from working with us, which is important.
Please be aware of resume writing companies that attempt to self-review other resume writers as a means of self-inflation. This is an unethical and deceptive marketing and SEO practice.
Currently, we process all payments through PayPal and accept all major debit and credit cards. Before we begin any work, we require either full or partial payment upfront to prevent any pirating of work. We offer flexible payment options, including:
  • 2 payments (50/50) – 50% of the investment will be due to hold your spot in our calendar. The remaining 50% will be due after we complete information-gathering and before document delivery.
  • PayPal Credit – Spread payments out for 6 months at zero interest. This option requires you to create a free PayPal account or log in with an existing one. It is only available to US-based clients.
We offer payment plans, including 50/50 and the PayPal Credit feature, where you can spread payments out for 6 months with zero interest. Additionally, we are constantly developing and adding do-it-yourself products and e-guides to support you throughout the job search process. You can also take advantage of our resume analysis and LinkedIn profile review services to get more specific, actionable feedback and provide you with targeted suggestions to improve your positioning for your career target(s).

Resume Writing Services

I work one-to-one with each of my clients throughout the entire process. Scientech Resumes does not use subcontractors or outsource any work. Learn more at Meet Kate.
Then you've come to the right place! I've worked with many clients who did not have an existing resume before hiring me. Click here to learn more about the STEM resume writing process.
Yes. All projects include 2 rounds of revisions within 10 business days (Terms Apply). The first round must be received within 5 business days following the new document delivery. All edits are turned around in 2-3 business days. All projects are closed out after 10 business days, barring any separate arrangements made and mutually agreed to. Any edits requested after this timeline will be subject to my $200 hourly fee (1 hour minimum). For more details, check out the STEM resume writing process.
Once the information-gathering process (targeted questionnaire and 30-minute career discovery session) is completed, the actual writing will commence. My standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). For clients with more urgent needs, Scientech offers 3- and 5-business-day rush services. If you think you need rush service, email ahead of time for availability since rush projects cannot always be accommodated.
You will receive the finalized resume in the following formats: Microsoft Word, PDF, and an ATS-optimized version in MS Word. These 3 formats will ensure you can present a targeted, branded resume to any employer no matter what application system or scenario you encounter. Note: Scientech Resumes replaced all ASCII plain text resume files with the MS Word (.doc) format. If you require an ASCII plain text version, let me know, and I will create one for you at no additional charge.
No. Federal resumes subscribe to a completely different set of rules, guidelines, and procedures. If you require a federal resume, let me know, and I will refer you to a trusted colleague specializing in the federal resume writing process.
Yes. Once you become a client, you are automatically eligible for returning client update services every 1-2 years.
No worries! All client files are backed up and stored for a lifetime unless you specifically request, in writing, for me to delete them. If your computer breaks down or you lose your documents, call 971.770.1460 or email, and I will email them at no charge.
Yes. A second resume will be priced at 50% of the initial resume investment. Please call 971.770.1460 or email for further assistance.
No. Any resume writer or service who makes these guarantees is being disingenuous. I cannot control the effort you make in the job search or in leveraging the tools and strategies I equip you with during our engagement. Instead, every client gets lifetime email access, where you can email me any questions related to the job search process, such as interview preparation, recruiter messaging, salary negotiation, LinkedIn networking, etc. Any question is fair game UNLESS you are requesting additional edits outside of our project window, which will be subject to my hourly fee ($200 hour - 1-hour minimum).

LinkedIn Profile Services

The process for creating your new LinkedIn content works the same as the resume service. The content for the different LinkedIn sections (i.e., headlines, summary, experience, skills, etc.) will be delivered to you in an MS Word document. I never request your username and password to get access to your LinkedIn profile. Each LinkedIn service includes bonus content for how to be active on the platform, messaging scripts for building LinkedIn connections, and a 1-hour LinkedIn training session. Additional details about the LinkedIn profile service can be found here.
LinkedIn plays a crucial role in being found for opportunities. Over 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals use LinkedIn daily to find top talent, especially for those hard-to-fill technical roles, and they are looking for you. In fact, many hiring professionals search for candidates using LinkedIn's advanced search functions before posting the position. A keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile gives you several advantages:
  • Rank high in LinkedIn and Google’s search results.
  • Gain exposure to Hiring Managers and Recruiters.
  • Follow companies and search passively for jobs.
  • Research companies, interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers.
  • Gain social proof and credibility for your skills and talents.
Therefore, it pays dividends to have an engaging and keyword-rich profile that makes it easy for you to be found by employers and other people who need to know you.
There's a common misconception that LinkedIn is your online resume. While we draw on content from your resume to write your LinkedIn profile, the real difference lies in the target audience. A resume that gets results is branded and targeted towards a specific position. You can (and should) have more than one resume that is customized for each role that you apply for. On the other hand, you only get one LinkedIn profile. With LinkedIn, you can reach a much broader audience.  While resumes are rather cut and dry in their nature, LinkedIn is part of the social media universe. Therefore, it's perfectly fine to write your profile in a more casual and conversational tone, using personal pronouns, as if you were speaking directly to the reader. While LinkedIn is a prime destination for applying for jobs, its true purpose is to build meaningful connections and relationships with others in your industry and become a part of the conversation. Our LinkedIn profile development service is a full service that includes the writing, strategizing, keyword optimization, focused branding, and development and improvement of your current LinkedIn profile. This service is NOT a carbon copy of your current resume or the one that we will create for you. 
No. I do not request your LinkedIn username or password as it would violate LinkedIn's terms of service. Each LinkedIn service comes with a 1-hour LinkedIn training session. This session is held on Zoom and covers the following:
  • Key visibility & data privacy settings
  • Content upload
  • Best practices for building connections
  • General/specific questions on using the platform

Other Services

Yes! Coaching services are offered hourly ($200 - 1 hour) in various areas, including job search strategies, LinkedIn networking, and interview preparation techniques. All coaching sessions come with a summary of our discussion and bonus resources. Email for more details.
Yes. Typically written for senior executives, c-suites, and aspiring executives, a career biography is an effective storytelling tool that reinforces your core brand attributes and showcases your leadership and management acumen through softer skills.
Yes. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, I recommend checking out our DIY/E-Guides menu, where Scientech is always adding new DIY materials and other valuable resources, jam-packed with insider advice and additional resources, to support your job search endeavors.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? 

Call 971.770.1460 or email We make every effort to return all calls and emails within 24-48 hours.