For your convenience, the most common client questions are answered right here.

General Questions

Scientech Resumes is based in beautiful Bellingham, WA and work internationally by email, phone, and Zoom video conference. All business is conducted virtually.
Great question! The reality is I'm not sure that you should work with me over another resume writing service.  I could spout off multiple reasons why my services are the best and that I hold multiple resume writing certifications and active memberships in leading industry organizations, but it's likely that you're expecting that. Until I learn more about your career situation and key challenges, I don't know that I'm the right fit for you and I'm not one to rush to judgment. I'm more interested in hearing about your job search challenges and goals. From there, I'll have a better idea if and how I can help you. If I can't, I will put you in touch with someone who can. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute discovery call today.
Yes. I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Resume Specialist in Engineering and Science (CRS+ES) and Information Technology (CRS+IT). Additionally, I am a REACH Certified Social Brand Analyst and Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC). I am also an active member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC), the National Resume Writers Association (NRWA), and Career Directors International (CDI), where I receive ongoing education in the latest and greatest resume writing trends and job search technologies.
I have written hundreds of resumes for clients in all industries at all career-levels. Unlike most resume writers, I specialize in working with job seekers looking to pursue or advance a career in a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) field. Additionally, this includes job seekers pursuing information technology (IT) or healthcare and medical careers. Many of my clients include R&D chemists and scientists, researchers (academic and private industry), engineers (multiple disciplines), IT professionals, data scientists, R&D directors, environmental scientists, chiropractors and other healthcare specialists, high-degree professionals including Masters, MBA, JD, and Ph.D. candidates, and executive and c-suite leaders.
There are a multitude of extrinsic and intrinsic benefits that motivate job seekers to hire a professional resume writer. Here are some of the advantages that my clients have realized in their own job search:
  • Increase your salary. To get the raise you deserve, you need a branded, targeted, and evidence-based resume that illustrates your ability to get results. The raise on its own was enough to recoup the small initial investment in the resume writing process.
  • Save money. How much money are you losing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis from a prolonged job search? Job searching is really expensive, especially if you’re unemployed. On top of the income you lose on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, you must also contend with the extra costs of dry cleaning (and possibly purchasing) interview clothes, putting gas in your car, and attending to the inevitable wear and tear on your car. A branded resume package will help you get into your next job faster while putting you miles ahead of your competition from a financial standpoint.
  • Save time. How many days, weeks, and months have you spent fine-tuning your resume? We all face our own set of challenges in our daily lives. Your resume does not have to be one of them. Leave it to a professional who can craft the best product in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Excellent interview training. The in-depth consultation component in the resume writing process compels many job seekers to refresh their memories on the exact impact that their contributions and initiatives had on the organization, its clients, and its employees.
  • Decreased stress (and insanity). Many people struggle with knowing where to start. What relevant skills and experience do you include? How far back should your employment history go? How do you tackle an employment gap or a career transition?
  • Elevated confidence & personal enlightenment. The resume writing process helps many people uncover and articulate what they already know about themselves, resulting in a more rejuvenated sense of excitement in the job search process. Plus, you’ll feel awesome receiving calls from employers inviting you for an interview!
  • Determine your core brand messages. Knowing and articulating your key brand attributes will help you understand what your network and key hiring decision-makers need to know to see you as the perfect fit for the role they are trying to fill.
Hiring a professional resume writer is not for everyone, although the majority of people can significantly benefit from using one. While my clients come from all walks of life, practically every one of them has expressed that it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to write objectively about yourself. Over the years, I've observed that the people who choose NOT to invest in themselves (and their career) wind up doing at least one, or a combination, of the following 3 things:
  • Choosing a budget resume service (aka resume mills). Budget resume services typically offer very low prices ranging anywhere from $150 or less, insanely fast 24-48 hour turnaround times, and unrealistic guarantees (i.e. secure a job in 30 days or we rewrite your resume for free). These services take a ‘quantity over quality’ approach and tend to be staffed by non-credentialed resume writers who are not well-versed in the nuances of the modern job market. These firms view their clients as a commodity. Your writer won’t take the time to get to know you, understand your career goals, and will apply a one-size-fits-all approach that promotes the use of generic, non-ATS friendly online templates that HR and recruitment professionals can spot from miles away. Unless you believe you are like everyone else, avoid these companies altogether.
  • Download a resume template on the Internet. These templates tend to use formatting that prevents ATS programs from extracting keywords and keyword phrases from your resume. ATS programs are essentially the digital gatekeeper that determines whether or not your resume is even viewed by a human in the first place. If ATS cannot read your resume, a human reader won’t even see it and you will be nowhere closer in moving towards your career goal(s).
  • Pay twice. The timeless industry saying, ‘You get what you pay for’ definitely applies to resume writing. The lowest price is rarely a bargain in the long run and the costs of looking for a new job with a cheap, poorly written resume are high. Many of our previous clients confessed to pursuing the budget resume route only to find themselves frustrated by the lack of results in their job search. Not only will you lose money every day, week, and month that you spend trying to land that next job with a cheap resume, you will make a poor impression and interviews will slip through the cracks. Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression.
Applicant tracking systems are software applications that are programmed to scan resumes for keywords and other key selection criteria to streamline the hiring process. These systems are used by over 97% of large companies and over 80% of small- and medium-sized organizations. When applying for a job online, chances are high that your resume will be scanned by an ATS. The ATS will be looking for specific keywords and keyword phrases and other selection criteria relevant to the advertised position. If your resume is not optimized with the right keywords, it will not even be seen by a human reader. This technology is what hurts job seekers the most since many qualified candidates end up getting screened out and lost in the resume black hole. Not only are keywords important, but the formatting and design techniques used on your resume also play a key factor in whether or not your resume can be read by the ATS.
Yes. My clients are located worldwide in the US, Australia, the UK, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Pakistan, India, and Thailand. All projects are quoted in US dollars regardless of your location. I also perform the necessary research regarding resume standards for your specific country.
Prior to any client hiring us, I request that you schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation, where we will discuss your career situation and direction and review your current resume (if you have one) to see where your greatest challenges lie. If you are in between career levels (i.e. mid-career looking to advance to an executive position), I reserve the right to place you in higher or lower career levels depending on your career direction and the complexity of the work involved. I will provide you with a custom quote for the different solutions that I recommend for your particular situation, although this session does not obligate you to pursue a project.
My clients are the lifeblood of my business. You can view my client testimonials on a variety of platforms including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and on my website testimonials page.
Of course! I will never share your personal, contact, or credit card information with anyone under any circumstances. Additionally, anything that you share with me throughout the project is kept completely confidential.
Ah yes. We, too, have seen those companies that charge $150 and lower for resume services. That price range is accurate if you are looking for a low budget resume service. The reality is that these companies, aka "resume mills," are volume-based and not quality-driven. Many of these firms are staffed by non-certified resume writers, who won't invest the necessary time required to get to know you or understand your career goals and apply a one-size-fits-all approach that promotes the use of sub-standard, generic templates that a recruiter can spot from miles away. The worst part? These templates use formatting that cannot be read by applicant tracking systems, or the programs that screen resumes for keywords, which means that your resume won't even be seen by a human reader. You are essentially paying for an expensive template. If that's the route you'd like to go, you are better off writing your own resume and saving that $150 to take yourself out to dinner. When money is tight, it's important to spend it wisely but do you really want to leave your career, the key driver that furthers both your quality of life as well as your family's to chance?


Yes. This is a common industry standard in order to prevent any theft or pirating of work. I currently offer 2 payment options: in full/upfront OR spread your payments out for up to 6 months (zero interest) through the PayPal Credit payment plan option. If you opt for the PayPal Credit payment plan option, you will be required to create a FREE PayPal account, if you don't already have one. As of now, PayPal Credit is only available to US-based clients.  
Scientech Resumes processes all payments through PayPal and accepts all major debit/credit cards, including American Express. I also offer a payment plan financing option through PayPal Credit, which will allow you to spread your payments out for up to 6 months with zero interest. All payment must be collected and cleared up front before any work can begin. If you have any questions about payment options, you can contact me directly at  971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.com.
Yes. I do accept personal checks. However, I only recommend using this option if you're not in a hurry to receive your new documents since all checks must clear before we begin any work. Please let me know in advance if you plan to use this option.
First of all, thank you for your honesty. Many of my clients initially felt this way until PayPal Credit introduced a flexible finance option that allows you to spread your payments out in smaller increments (6 months at zero interest). I have personally used this method for coaching services for my own business and many of my previous clients have expressed feeling more liberated from that catch-22 situation that so many job seekers, especially those who are unemployed, fall into. When money is tight, it's important to spend it wisely. However, a professional, well-written resume is an investment in yourself that pays dividends and results in a quick ROI within less than 1 work week's pay in your new position. If you're truly not ready to invest in one of my resume packages, you are welcome to get started with one of my low-entry services or pick up any one of my valuable e-guides on resume writing, interview preparation, LinkedIn, networking, and career management strategies.
This is a very common practice among reputable resume writers. Since my project schedule is normally booked out a week in advance, taking on a last minute project requires significant adjustments to my marketing, writing, consulting, and personal schedule. therefore, all rush projects have a premium, but reasonable fee added to the overall project investment. Please be aware that I cannot always accept rush projects depending on my project and consulting schedule. If you require a rush service, please call 971.770.1460, email kate@scientechresumes.com,or let me know during our 30-minute complimentary resume consultation if you need a rush service. From there, I can let you know whether or not I can accommodate your timeline. Scientech Resumes currently offers 3- and 5-business day rush services. I do not accept projects that require a 24-48 hour turnaround time.

Resume Writing Services

I work one-to-one with each of my clients throughout the entire writing process. I do not use subcontractors or outsource any of my work. If you're curious to learn more about me and my background, check out Meet Kate.
In one word, priceless. The average job search can last anywhere between 3-6 months, depending on your industry and career target(s). For current and aspiring executives and c-suite leaders, your job search can go anywhere from 6 months to a year simply due to the fact that there are fewer positions at the top and there's more money on the line.   That's a significant loss of income when you take into account what you're losing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. A professional, well-written resume and cover letter can save you both time and money by helping you secure more of the right interviews and getting you into your next job faster with greater results. With people living and working longer and competition fiercer than ever, employers are overwhelmed with resumes, spending as little as 4-6 seconds viewing each application.   Therefore, you need a targeted, branded, and evidence-based resume and cover letter that instantly captures the reader's attention and moves him or her to action ... calling you for an interview!
Before I take on any new client, I will need to speak with you first to assess your needs. We do this through a 30-minute complimentary resume session, which is focused on learning more about your career goals and job search challenges, and whether or not working with me would be the best fit for you. A key element of this discussion is also aimed at reviewing your current (or most recent) resume, if you have one, in real-time to see where it looks strong and where it could use improvement to better position you for your career target(s).   If I think I can help you, I will let you know and provide you with a few custom quotes for the different service packages that would best fit your needs. This session will not obligate you to pursue working with me, although I'm confident that you'll walk away with at least one actionable strategy that you can immediately use to enhance your positioning. Schedule a 30-minute complimentary session today!
Information on Scientech Resumes writing process can be found here. You will work directly with me throughout the entire writing process. All projects are delivered at my standard turnaround time of 7-10 business days (excludes weekends and holidays) from the time that we have collected all of your information and held the one-to-one consultation session.
There's a lot of debate around whether or not the cover letter is dead. The truth is the cover letter is not dead (and I'm not just saying that because I make a terrific living writing them). I've personally witnessed the power of a well-written cover letter and its ability to catapult my clients' applications to the top of the stack.   While it's true that some recruiters and hiring managers that don't read them, the fact is ... almost every job application requires you to send both a resume and a cover letter. Since you as the job seeker have no way of knowing if the recruiter or hiring manager viewing your application does or doesn't read cover letters, it's in your best interest to send one. Remember, the first test of any employer is determining how well you follow directions. Since practically every job application requires you to send a resume and a cover letter, chances are high you will take yourself out of the applicant pool by not following the directions.   Like your resume, your cover letter should be customized to each opportunity. When written well, they build a bridge between you and the hiring manager, bringing to the forefront the skills, experiences, and qualifications that will matter most for the target position.
Then you have come to the right place! I've worked with plenty of clients who did not have an existing resume before hiring me. In that case, I will provide you with a comprehensive client information questionnaire that is designed to facilitate the resume development process and help you reflect on your current career goal(s), key strengths, and professional achievements. Once you complete and return the questionnaire, I will review it and schedule a follow-up session with you to clarify and expand on the information that you have provided. Follow-up sessions are conducted over the phone or through Zoom video conference. If you live outside of the US, this session will be conducted through video conference. The more details you can provide, the stronger a resume (and other documents) that I can produce. Failure to submit the necessary information will result in the delay of the project. Schedule a 30-minute complimentary resume session today! 
The one-to-one consultation session lasts anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. These sessions are conducted over the phone or through Zoom video conference. I will provide you with a preparation outline that is designed to help you get into the consultation mindset and ensure that we have a productive conversation that you get a lot of value out of.   I do not require you to fill out any worksheets or questionnaires prior to the consultation unless you do not have an existing resume.   During this session, we will take a deep dive into your professional history to uncover and reinforce your unique strengths and extract the most relevant and noteworthy success stories, achievements, and contributions that will be most relevant to your next career step. I'm a big believer in teamwork and the reason that many of my clients get great results is that I ask each client to work with me as a collaborative partner. The resume that I produce will only be as strong as the information that you provide.
Yes. All projects include an unlimited number of revisions (subject to my Terms & Conditions) within the 30-business day revision window. The revision window officially starts the day you have received the new versions of your resume and other documents. During this timeframe, you can review your new documents, request revisions, and ask questions related to how you use your new documents in your job search.   I work with all clients on a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means I will work with you to fine-tune your new documents until you feel that they best represent your unique value, credibility, and expertise. All edits are turned around within 48 hours and all projects are finalized by the end of the 30 business day project timeframe unless separate arrangements are mutually agreed to.   If a circumstantial event should occur during the 30 business day revision period that delays your ability to review the new documents, please let me know. I understand that life happens and I will work with you to make special arrangements to accommodate an extenuating circumstance. Examples of extenuating circumstances include a sudden illness (you or a family member), natural disaster, death in the family, long periods of travel, etc.
Of course! I strive to be accessible to my clients throughout the entire writing process. We can communicate via phone or email. Given that I'm often working with multiple clients at once, email is the fastest way to get a response. I do my best to return all calls and emails between 24-48 hours. prides herself on being accessible to her clients throughout the entire writing process. See the Contact tab for more information.
Certainly! You are welcome to view samples of resumes that I've written for previous clients at all career-levels including new graduates, young professionals, ITmid-career, non-executive managers, senior executives, c-suite leaders, and curriculum vitae. The names and personal information have been fictionalized to protect client confidentiality.
You will receive the finalized version of your resume in the following formats: Microsoft Word, PDF, and an ATS-optimized version in MS Word for you to use in an online job search. Armed with these 3 formats, you can rest assured that you can present an attractive resume to any employer no matter what application system or scenario you encounter.   Please note: Scientech Resumes recently made the change to replace all ASCII plain text resume files with the MS Word (.doc) format. If you require an ASCII plain text version, let me know and I will create one for you at no additional charge.
Yes. I'm a Certified Resume Specialist in IT (CRS+IT) through Career Directors International and have a strong understanding of the terminology used across the various IT disciplines. For more details, please check out my resume services for IT professionals and samples of IT resumes.
No. I do not write federal resumes because they subscribe to a completely different set of rules, guidelines, and procedures that I'm not well-versed in. If you require a federal resume, let me know and I will be happy to put you in touch with a few of my colleagues who specialize in the federal resume writing process. Please call 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.com for more information.
A resume is a targeted and concise personal marketing document that is designed to position you for your desired career target in a specific industry or sector. Your resume must be tailored for each position that you apply for and showcase your most relevant experience and skills as it relates to your specific job target(s). It does not have to ordered chronologically or cover your entire work history.   On the other hand, a CV, or curriculum vitae, provides lots of detail and information on your academic background. Typically, a CV is used for researchers, professors, and Ph.D. holders and can include details, such as your teaching experience, research projects, academic degrees, presentations, publications, awards, professional affiliations, volunteer work, and other relevant accomplishments. CVs typically run longer than resumes, averaging 3-4 pages, and are more static documents that don't change for different positions.
Yes. The resume update service is available for returning clients at my special returning client rate. This rate is only accessible to previous Scientech Resumes clients and is valid as long as no more than 2 years have passed since we last worked together.   If the focus or the branding of your resume has changed or you are looking to transition into a new industry or change careers, please ask about my resume rebrand service. I will want to speak with you to discuss your new career focus and ensure that I have all the necessary information to effectively position you for your next career step.
No worries! I back up and store all client files for a lifetime unless you specifically ask me to delete them. If your computer should break down or you can't access your documents for whatever reason, please call 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.com and I will email you a copy of your documents at no charge.
Yes. If you are applying for more than one type of position or targeting multiple industries and need more than one resume, a second resume will be priced at 50% of the initial resume investment. Please call 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.com for further assistance.
Due to the increasing demand for my services and the fact that I do not outsource any work, my standard turnaround time is between 7-10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) following the one-on-one consultation.   If you need your resume and other documents sooner, I offer 3- or 5-business day turnaround times at a premium fee. Please be aware that I cannot always accept rush delivery projects depending on my project and consulting schedule. If you think you may need a rush service, please call 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.com ahead of time to let me know so I can determine whether or not I can accommodate your timeline.
All of my projects are custom quoted and take into account each client's career stage, direction, and the complexity of work involved. Resumes are generally priced between $395 to $1,395, in alignment with the industry average. Prices are subject to change without notice.   Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation to get a custom quote.
Ah yes. I, too, have seen those companies that charge $150 and lower for resume services. I fix those resumes.   The $50 to $150 price range is accurate if you are looking for a low budget resume service that presents you as someone who look for a quick and dirty solution to solve problems. The reality is that these companies, aka "resume mills," are volume-based and not quality-driven. Many of these firms are staffed by non-certified resume writers, who won't invest the necessary time required to get to know you or understand your career goals and apply a one-size-fits-all approach that promotes the use of sub-standard, generic templates that a recruiter can spot from miles away.   The worst part? These templates use formatting that cannot be read by applicant tracking systems, or the programs that screen resumes for keywords, which means that your resume won't even be seen by a human reader. You are essentially paying for an expensive template. If that's the route you'd like to go, you are better off writing your own resume and saving that $150 to take yourself out to dinner. When money is tight, it's important to spend it wisely but do you really want to leave your career, the key driver that furthers both your quality of life as well as your family's to chance?
No. I do not offer any interview guarantees because I cannot control the effort any client does or doesn't make in the job search process. Additionally, there are too many back-end processes that occur during the interview stage that you (and I) simply don't see. I do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that I work with you until you are satisfied with your documents (subject to Terms & Conditions).   While I provide you with the tools and resources you need to get you where you want to go, it is incumbent upon you to aggressively participate in the job search process. This means applying for qualified positions that you meet the requirements for.

LinkedIn Profile Services

LinkedIn plays a crucial role in being found for opportunities. Over 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals use LinkedIn daily to find top talent, especially for those hard-to-fill technical roles, and they are looking for you. With more than 450 million subscribers, LinkedIn provides you with an additional platform to showcase your personal brand in a more casual and humanizing way. Nowadays, many hiring professionals search for qualified candidates through LinkedIn before they actually post a position. Therefore, it pays dividends to have an engaging and keyword-rich profile that makes it easy for you to be found by employers and other people who need to know you and what you have to offer.
There's a common misconception among job seekers that LinkedIn is your online resume. While we draw on content from your resume to write your LinkedIn profile, the real difference lies in the target audience. A resume that gets results is branded and targeted towards a specific position. You can (and should) have more than one resume that is customized for each role that you apply for. On the other hand, you only get one LinkedIn profile. With LinkedIn, you can reach a much broader audience.    While resumes are rather cut and dry in their nature, LinkedIn is part of the social media universe. Therefore, it's perfectly fine to write your profile in a more casual and conversational tone, using personal pronouns, as if you were speaking directly to the reader. While LinkedIn is a prime destination for applying for jobs, its true purpose is to build meaningful connections and relationships with others in your industry and become a part of the conversation. Our LinkedIn profile development service is a full service that includes the writing, strategizing, keyword optimization, focused branding, and development and improvement of your current LinkedIn profile. This service is NOT a carbon copy of your current resume or the one that we will create for you. 
The process for LinkedIn works the same as a resume service. If you purchase a LinkedIn profile with a resume, the same information that we collect during the one-to-one consultation will be used to craft your new LinkedIn profile. If LinkedIn is ordered on its own, a one-to-one consultation (60-90 minutes) will need to be scheduled.   If you order a LinkedIn profile on its own without a resume, a one-to-one consultation (60-90 minutes) will need to be scheduled.
No. We do not request your LinkedIn username or password as it would violate LinkedIn's terms of service. We write the content for your LinkedIn profile, which is delivered in a Word document. You are responsible for uploading your LinkedIn content when you go to edit your profile. If you require assistance in uploading your content, I will be happy to walk you through that process over the phone or through Zoom conference at no additional charge.
LinkedIn profiles range from $295 to $995 and are custom priced according to your career-level and the complexity of work involved. If LinkedIn is purchased with a resume, savings will be incurred.
The LinkedIn analysis will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your current profile and actionable tips and strategies that you can immediately implement to optimize your LinkedIn presence and get noticed by the people that need to know you and what you have to offer. This content features screenshots of your current LinkedIn profile and uses a green, yellow, and red scoring system to indicate the areas that look great, need improvement, and require significant work, respectively. This content is delivered to you in PDF and accompanied by an audio file outlining the key areas where it looks strong and where it could use the most improvement.

Other Services

As of right now, Scientech Resumes does not officially offer interview coaching. I am currently putting together an interview program which will be available in 2019.
Yes. Kate offers both 3- and 5-business day rush delivery options at a premium fee on top of the project investment. If you think you need a rush service, please call 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.com ahead of time to check if Kate can accommodate your timeline. Due to the increasing demand for Scientech resumes' services, Kate often has to book clients out 1-2 weeks in advance and cannot always accept rush projects depending on her writing and consulting schedule.
A post-interview thank you letter is a short follow-up letter that you send to your interviewer(s). Its format is similar to a cover letter and provides you with an additional opportunity to reinforce your candidacy, address any potential concerns that may have surfaced during the conversation, and restate your desire for the position. This handy letter is one of the most overlooked tools in a job seeker's arsenal. When used effectively, it has the power to influence hiring decisions and result in subsequent interviews or a job offer.
A reference sheet provides a list of people who can speak positively about your professional background and verify your skills, experience, and achievements for a potential employer. This document is typically requested later during the hiring process so it is important to have one handy. Scientech Resumes crafts reference sheets that match your resume branding, providing you with a consistent, cohesive, and professional brand image that will instantly connect your reference sheet with your resume. 
Typically written for senior executives, c-suite leaders, and aspiring executives, an executive biography is designed to work in tandem with your resume. It is written in a manner that strengthens your professional brand while weaving in the leadership qualifications, values, and core attributes that have resulted in your professional achievements. This document chronicles your career path in a storytelling format and captures attention from CEOs, Board of Directors, and other key decision-makers.
A value proposition letter is a brief and persuasive account of what you accomplished, not what you do. Typically focused for CEOs, Directors, Business Owners, and other top decision-makers, this short, impactful letter has more power to grab and hold a reader’s attention by establishing your achievements through specific metrics and facts to achieve instant credibility.  Additionally, it provides proof that you can tackle and solve challenging problems while communicating in a few short sentences why you are the best candidate for the position.
The resume analysis service provides you with a thorough review of your current resume and specific, insightful feedback with recommended and targeted suggestions for improvement. This service does not include any re-writing or a personal consultation. If, after the review, you decide to pursue a resume project, the amount already paid for the review can be applied as a credit towards the new document.
The social branding analysis is designed to provide you with a clearer picture of what your current online digital footprint looks like and provide you with tools and strategies that you can incorporate into your career management plan to increase your overall online visibility and communicate your personal brand. The content in this service is delivered to you in both PDF and audio format. It is specific to you and includes analysis of your Google results, the 5 measures of the online digital brand (volume, relevance, purity, diversity, and validation), and your social media and online web presence, and recommendations for optimizing your online presence. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? 

Call 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.comI make every effort to return all calls and emails within 24-48 hours.