For your convenience, the most common client questions are answered right here.

General Questions

I built Scientech Resumes to specifically serve professionals from all backgrounds and career stages in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. STEM resumes are particularly challenging to write because we need to balance your scientific and technical achievements with their impact on the organization. I combine my industry experience at GMP sites in the US and abroad, Master's in applied chemistry, and strong writing talents to provide a one-to-one personalized approach where you can openly discuss your technical achievements with a career management professional who gets it. Additionally, I am one of just a few resume writers worldwide with specialty resume writing certifications in engineering and science, IT, healthcare and medical, and accounting and finance. Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call today.
Click HERE to schedule a free 20-minute discovery session. This session will cover:
  • Career goals – Where you are now/want to be?
  • Current job search strategies & results, if applicable
  • Existing resume’s strengths & weaknesses
  • Writing process, service options, and investment
After the session, you will receive a copy of the project proposal, sample resumes, and 1-2 actionable tips you can put into practice to strengthen your positioning on your existing resume. Once you've decided to work with me, we will start the information gathering process. The information gathering process involves 2 parts: 1) completion of a targeted and detailed questionnaire to help you uncover your core strengths and spotlight your relevant achievements; and 2) a 30-minute career discovery session to clarify and expand on the information you provided in your questionnaire. For a complete look at how the process works, visit: The Process.
While I have written resumes and other career-marketing documents for people in every major industry, I cater exclusively to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals at every career level, from new graduates to c-level executives, and hold the following specialty resume writing certifications:
  • Certified Resume Specialist in Engineering & Science (CRS+ES)
  • Certified Resume Specialist in Information Technology (CRS+IT)
  • Certified Resume Specialist in Healthcare & Medical (CRS+HM)
  • Certified Resume Specialist in Accounting & Finance (CRS+AF)
All projects are custom quoted based on clients' individual career stage, direction, complexity of work, and services selected. Most client engagements range from $797 to $2497+. Prices are subject to change without notice. Schedule a free consultation to get a quote.
My clients have realized a multitude of extrinsic and intrinsic benefits, including:
  • Salary increase. Branded, targeted, and evidence-based resumes that communicate measurable results and other value and leverage growth have led to higher salaries.
  • Excellent interview training. The career discovery session compels my clients to refresh their memories on the impact of their contributions within each role, and how those achievements will add value to prospective employers.
  • Decreased stress (and insanity). Do you know where to start? What skills and experience do you include? How far back should your employment history go? How do you tackle an employment gap or a career transition? I help you navigate those obstacles and more.
  • Confidence boost. My process helps you uncover and articulate what you already know about yourself in a way that resonates with your target employers.
  • Determine your core brand messages. Idenitfying and communicating your unique promise of value will help you understand what people in your network and key hiring decision-makers need to know about you and gauge your “fit” for a given role.
While my clients come from all walks of life, nearly every one of them has stated that it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to write objectively about yourself. Over the years, I've observed that people who choose NOT to hire a professional resume writer experience the following challenges:
  • Choosing a budget resume service. They are hundreds of cheap, fast resume companies that offer very low prices ranging anywhere from $150 or less, insanely fast 24-48 hour turnaround times, and unrealistic guarantees (i.e. secure a job in 30 days or we rewrite your resume for free). These services take a ‘quantity over quality’ approach and tend to be staffed by non-credentialed resume writers who don’t possess knowledge of industry-specific trends, modern hiring standards, or resume best practices. These firms view their clients as a commodity. Your writer won’t take the time to get to know you, understand your career goals, and will apply a one-size-fits-all approach that promotes the use of generic, non-ATS friendly online templates that HR and recruitment professionals can spot from miles away. Worst of all, the product is practically useless in the job search.
  • Download a resume template on the Internet. These templates tend to use formatting that prevents ATS programs from extracting keywords and keyword phrases from your resume. ATS programs are essentially the digital gatekeeper that determines whether or not your resume is even viewed by a human in the first place. If ATS cannot read your resume, a human reader won’t even see it and you will be nowhere closer in moving towards your career goal(s).
  • Pay twice. The timeless industry saying, ‘You get what you pay for’ applies to resume writing. The lowest price is rarely a bargain in the long run and the costs of looking for a new job with a cheap, poorly written resume are high. Many of our previous clients confessed to pursuing the budget resume route only to find themselves frustrated by the lack of results in their job search. Not only will you lose money every day, week, and month that you spend trying to land that next job with a cheap resume, you will make a poor impression and interviews will slip through the cracks. Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression.
Yes. My clients are located all over the world. I have written resumes for clients in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia. All projects are quoted in US dollars regardless of location. I also perform the necessary research regarding resume standards for your specific country.
You can view my client testimonials on a variety of platforms including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and on my website testimonials page.
Resume prices are all over the map. The truth is that a legitimate resume writing service will charge anywhere from $400 to $1000+ on average because they invest time in getting to know your career goals and craft a strong resume that positions you for the role you want. These budget resume companies operate on a quantity over quality approach. While the initial investment may seem expensive, look at it as an hourly rate. That $150 resume would translate into pennies for the hours that go into the information gathering, resume writing, and all of the back-and-forth processes. If you're not looking to invest in a quality product, you're better off writing your own resume and saving that $150 to take yourself out to dinner. When money is tight, it's important to spend it wisely but do you really want to leave your career, the key driver that furthers both your quality of life as well as your family's to chance?


All payments are processed in PayPal and all major debit/credit cards are accepted. Payment is required upfront, either in full or through one of the payment plan options below, to prevent any pirating of work. I currently offer 3 payment options:
  • In full, upfront.
  • 2 payments (50/50) – Put down 50% of the project investment (non-refundable) to hold your spot in my calendar for the 60-90-minute career discovery session.
  • PayPal Credit Payment Plan. Spread payments out for 6 months at zero interest. This option requires you to have a PayPal account (free to create), subject to credit approval, and available only to US-based clients.
Personal checks are accepted. I only recommend this option if you're not in a hurry to receive your new documents. All checks must clear before we begin any work. Please let me know in advance if you plan to use this option.
Since my project schedule is normally booked out anywhere from 1-3 weeks in advance, taking on a last-minute project requires significant adjustments to my marketing, writing, consulting, and personal schedule. Therefore, all rush projects have a premium but reasonable fee added to the investment. Rush options include:
  • 3 business days – Adds 50% to project investment.
  • 5 business days – Adds 25% to project investment.
  • Weekend consultations – Add $300 to the project investment.
Rush projects cannot always be accommodated. If you require rush service, call 971.770.1460, email kate@scientechresumes.com, or let me know during our 20-minute discovery session.

Resume Writing Services

I work one-to-one with each of my clients throughout the entire process. I do not use subcontractors or outsource any of my work. If you're curious to learn more about me and my background, check out Meet Kate.
Then you're in the right place! I've worked with plenty of clients who did not have an existing resume before hiring me. My information gathering process involves 2 steps:
  • Targeted, detailed information questionnaire
  • 30-minute career discovery follow-up session
Click HERE to learn more about the writing process.
Yes. All projects include 2 rounds of revisions within 10 business days (Terms Apply). The first round of revisions must be received within 5 business days after the new documents are delivered. All edits are turned around in 2-3 business days. All projects are closed out after 10 business days, barring any separate arrangements made and mutually agreed to. Any edits requested after this timeline will be subject to my $200 hourly fee (1-hour minimum).
Once you have completed and returned the targeted information questionnaire and the 30-minute discovery follow-up session has been held, the STEM resume writing process will begin. My standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). For clients with more urgent needs, Scientech offers 3- and 5-business day rush services. If you think you need rush service, let me know ahead of time by calling 971.770.1460 or emailing kate@scientechresumes.com since rush projects cannot always be accommodated.
You will receive the finalized version of your resume in the following formats: Microsoft Word, PDF, and an ATS-optimized version in MS Word for you to use in an online job search. Armed with these 3 formats, you can rest assured that you can present an attractive resume to any employer no matter what application system or scenario you encounter.   Please note: Scientech Resumes recently made the change to replace all ASCII plain text resume files with the MS Word (.doc) format. If you require an ASCII plain text version, let me know and I will create one for you at no additional charge.
No. Federal resumes subscribe to a completely different set of rules, guidelines, and procedures. If you require a federal resume, let me know and I will refer you to a colleague who specializes in the federal resume writing process.
Yes. This rate is only accessible to previous Scientech Resumes clients and is valid as long as no more than 2 years have passed since we last worked together. If the focus or the branding of your resume has changed or you are looking to transition into a new industry or change careers, ask about my resume rebrand service. We will discuss your new career focus and gather the necessary information to effectively position you for your next career step.
No worries! All client files are backed up and stored for a lifetime unless you specifically ask me to delete them. If your computer breaks down or you lose your documents, call 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.com and I will email them to you at no charge.
Yes. A second resume will be priced at 50% of the initial resume investment. Please call 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.com for further assistance.
No. I cannot control the effort any client does or doesn't make in the job search process. Additionally, there are too many back-end processes that occur during the interview stage that you (and I) simply don't see. I do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that I work with you until you are satisfied with your documents (subject to Terms & Conditions) as well as:
  • Unlimited email access. Email me any questions related to job searching, networking, interview prep, etc. This is a key way we stay in touch during the job search process, even after your project is complete.
  • Bonus content. Each resume package comes with bonus content on job search, networking, and interview preparation strategies to help you diversify your search and set you up for success

LinkedIn Profile Services

The process for LinkedIn works the same as a resume service. If you purchase a LinkedIn profile with a resume, I use the same information collected from the questionnaire and the 30-minute career discovery session to craft the content for your profile. The content will be delivered to you in an MS Word document. Each LinkedIn service includes bonus content for how to be active on the platform and messaging scripts for building connections, as well as a 1-hour LinkedIn training session.
LinkedIn plays a crucial role in being found for opportunities. Over 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals use LinkedIn daily to find top talent, especially for those hard-to-fill technical roles, and they are looking for you. In fact, many hiring professionals search for candidates using LinkedIn's advanced search functions before posting the position.   A keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile gives you several advantages:
  • Rank high in LinkedIn and Google’s search results.
  • Gain exposure to Hiring Managers and Recruiters.
  • Follow companies and search passively for jobs.
  • Research companies, interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers.
  • Gain social proof and credibility for your skills and talents.
  Therefore, it pays dividends to have an engaging and keyword-rich profile that makes it easy for you to be found by employers and other people who need to know you.
There's a common misconception that LinkedIn is your online resume. While we draw on content from your resume to write your LinkedIn profile, the real difference lies in the target audience. A resume that gets results is branded and targeted towards a specific position. You can (and should) have more than one resume that is customized for each role that you apply for. On the other hand, you only get one LinkedIn profile. With LinkedIn, you can reach a much broader audience.  While resumes are rather cut and dry in their nature, LinkedIn is part of the social media universe. Therefore, it's perfectly fine to write your profile in a more casual and conversational tone, using personal pronouns, as if you were speaking directly to the reader. While LinkedIn is a prime destination for applying for jobs, its true purpose is to build meaningful connections and relationships with others in your industry and become a part of the conversation. Our LinkedIn profile development service is a full service that includes the writing, strategizing, keyword optimization, focused branding, and development and improvement of your current LinkedIn profile. This service is NOT a carbon copy of your current resume or the one that we will create for you. 
No. I do not request your LinkedIn username or password as it would violate LinkedIn's terms of service. Each LinkedIn service comes with a 1-hour LinkedIn training session. This session is held on Zoom and covers the following:
  • Key visibility & data privacy settings
  • Content upload
  • Best practices for building connections
  • General/specific questions on using the platform

Other Services

Yes! I offer both job search and interview coaching at a rate of $200/hour.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? 

Call 971.770.1460 or email kate@scientechresumes.comI make every effort to return all calls and emails within 24-48 hours.