The Post-Interview Thank-You Letter: The Most Underutilized Tool in a Jobseeker’s Arsenal

Check out our comprehensive STEM Thank You Letter E-Guide. First, why is the post-interview thank-you letter important? There are many reasons why a post-interview thank-you letter is important in the hiring and interview process. It has the power to leave a positive impression on your interviewers by: Believe it or not, many employers expect a … Continue Reading


STEM Resume Breakdown, Part 5 of 6 – How to Write the Experience Section

We will specifically examine the following topics: This article will also include links to other informative blog posts that you may find helpful to build out your experience section. What’s the purpose of the experience section? The primary goal of the experience section is to provide examples of how you used your experience, knowledge, and … Continue Reading

Resume Summary

STEM Resume Breakdown, Part 3 of 6 – How to Write a Striking Resume Summary

If you’ve been following the STEM resume series, you may recall in your work from part 2 the importance of capturing the reader’s attention within 10 seconds. Remember, recruiters spend an average of 4-6 seconds reviewing a single resume. This section can determine if your resume moves to the “yes” or “no” pile. By the … Continue Reading

Hiring a resume writer? Look out for these 7 red flags!

The first thing to know about the resume writing industry is that it’s not regulated. Anyone who can use the Internet can advertise themselves as a resume writer. Have you ever googled resume writing services? If so, you’ve likely gotten dozens of results for various resume writing services with prices all over the place. We’ll … Continue Reading

Thinking of Hiring a Resume Writer? 18 Questions to Help You Choose the Right One!

Recently, I received a message from someone—let’s call her, Claire—who had her resume updated following a massive layoff at her most recent employer. Nearly nine months later, she’s still searching for her next job after seeing no results (interviews). Naturally, this scenario would discourage anyone. As we continued talking, she revealed the name of the … Continue Reading

5 Crucial Signals that Tell You It’s Time to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

How do you know if it’s time to make the leap and hire a professional resume writer? This is a question that I’m regularly asked by job seekers worldwide and across all career levels. While everyone’s professional situation and needs are different, I’ve found that the majority of people tend to struggle with at least … Continue Reading

5 Resume Tips to Galvanize Your Job Search as a New Grad

  For the majority of new graduates, landing that first full-time job can be an intimidating feat, even when the job market is strong. While education is your strongest asset, it’s important to show that you possess the capabilities to build upon your education and succeed in your chosen field. That’s where your resume comes … Continue Reading