STEM Skills

STEM Skills & Trends Shaping the Career Landscape

Let’s start with the challenges facing STEM employers. Several factors have exacerbated the STEM graduate shortage: There is a growing issue of talent churn due to globalization and flexible working arrangements, which have contributed to organizational instability and knowledge retention. The high demand for STEM skills and the rise of remote and hybrid work arrangements … Continue Reading

The Festive Job Hunt: 5 Strategies to Kickstart the New Year

Let’s address the myth of the holiday-hiring hiatus. Year-end job seekers often face additional challenges, such as people being unavailable due to planned time off. You may have bought into the misconception from other people, including corporate recruiters, that job hunting during the holidays is a waste of time. Hiring is a year-round process, and … Continue Reading

Update Your STEM Resume Month

Fall – The Best Time to Update Your STEM Resume

I love the fall season. There’s something about the weather, the coziness, the drinks, the holidays, and the colorful leaves that make that satisfying crunch as you walk over them. It’s also the time of year when my calendar gets jam-packed with many returning clients looking to update their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other documents. … Continue Reading

Professional References

How to Select Professional References

This post will cover: What is a reference sheet? A reference sheet is a list of people you provide to an employer who can speak positively about your work ethic and the skills, experiences, and achievements that reflect the qualities you bring to the position. How do employers use references? A study by SkillSurvey, an … Continue Reading

STEM Job Search, Part 6 – How to Prepare for an Informational Interview

Informational Interview Overview An informational interview is an informal, focused conversation about a topic that interests you. In the context of a job search, these interviews revolve around meeting someone who can share valuable insights into what it’s like to work in a specific role, company, or industry. Informational interviews are a great networking tool … Continue Reading

STEM Job Search, Part 5 – How to Ask for an Informational Interview

You’ve sent your personalized LinkedIn invite. The person accepts. Now what? Most people invite someone to connect, wait for them to accept, and leave it at that. You’re going to do things differently. Once this person becomes a 1st-degree connection, you can view the profiles of their connections. You can also use LinkedIn’s messaging feature … Continue Reading