An Investment in Yourself

Could you afford to lose up to $150 for every day that you’re unemployed? That’s more than $3,300 a month for a $40,000 annual salary and an amount that most people could not afford to lose. Can you?

Whether you’re unemployed or underemployed, a powerful and effective resume that is optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and positions you as the #1 solution to an employer’s problems is a valuable investment that can shorten your job search by days, weeks, and months while increasing your chances of getting noticed by hiring managers by as much as 40%.

How much is your job search costing you each day, week, and month?

Depending on your annual salary, your job search could be costing you anywhere from $150 up to nearly $2,000 a day. 

Keep in mind that the loss of income illustrated in the chart below does not take into account the additional expenses that are incurred during a job search, such as purchasing new interview clothes and/or having your wardrobe dry cleaned, filling your gas tank, traveling to and from interviews, and the longer term wear and tear on your car.

Of course, we cannot forget the mental and emotional stress that comes with searching for a job, especially if you suddenly lost your last one.


Like it or not, your resume is typically the first point of contact connecting you with a potential employer. People tend to make their first impressions of you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. Your resume gets even less time, an average of 4 to 6 seconds. That’s why writing a branded, targeted, and evidence-based resume is a serious process and an important element of your job search journey that can make or break your chances of securing the interview, and, ultimately, the job offer.

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