5 Crucial Signals that Tell You It’s Time to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

How do you know if it’s time to make the leap and hire a professional resume writer?

This is a question that I’m regularly asked by job seekers worldwide and across all career levels. While everyone’s professional situation and needs are different, I’ve found that the majority of people tend to struggle with at least one, usually a combination, of these 5 core issues.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Do you know where to start? Your resume includes a lot of key information that will be shared with prospective employers. Do you know how far back your employment history should go? What achievements and performance-specific qualities will be the most relevant? How do you effectively distill that information without going on for multiple pages? A professional resume writer can filter out the information that should—and shouldn’t be—on your resume and express it in a manner that reads well for both human readers and applicant tracking systems.
  • Do you find it difficult to communicate your professional achievements? Many people tend to oversimplify or downplay their achievements to avoid being perceived as arrogant or overly confident. Unfortunately, this works against you as the job seeker. Remember, your resume is YOUR personal marketing document—the only connection between you and the employer—and the one and only chance to secure an interview. A professional resume writer can take an objective view of your career and find the right words to highlight your most worthy achievements and unique value.
  • Are you stuck in the past? The job market has evolved significantly over the last two decades. So has resume writing. If you’re not up to date on the current resume writing trends and job market technologies, it’s highly likely that you’re having interviews slip through the cracks. Certified, reputable resume writers understand the ins and outs of the modern job market and are committed to expanding their knowledge base through ongoing professional development to maximize your career success and resume ROI.
  • Are you applying for job after job and not getting results (interviews)? It’s likely that you know someone, or experienced this yourself, who has expressed discouragement after applying for hundreds of jobs while receiving no callbacks. Here’s the good news. Chances are high that it’s not you but how you’re positioning yourself on your resume. The #1 reason that most resumes fail is that people are not positioned for the roles that they want. A professional resume writer can help you uncover those underlying personal brand themes and strategically identify the right keywords and keyword phrases that solidify your fit in the mind of the reader, and move him or her to take action (calling you for an interview).
  • Do you have an employment gap? People leave the workforce for all sorts of legitimate reasons. Additionally, unstable job markets combined with other external factors have made job-hopping more common. Whether you left a company due to changing values or took time off to travel, raise a family, or care for a loved one, there’s nothing that you should feel you have to apologize for. A professional resume writer will work with you to revamp your resume, downplay any potential areas of concern, and showcase the positives to market you in ways you may not have ever considered.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that practically everyone has experienced the difficulties and frustration that come with navigating the treacherous waters of the modern job market. For the investment of less than a work week’s pay, you can save yourself hours of agonizing over your resume, redefine the first impression that you make with potential employers, and save yourself hundreds to thousands of dollars in lost income by getting into your next job faster.

I know you’re great at what you do. Now, let’s get you where you want to with greater results.

Scientech Resumes works with clients in all industries and career-levels, with a specialization in professionals looking to pursue or advance a career in a science, technology, engineering, medical, or mathematics field. I am dedicated to working with those who want to make an investment in themselves. I know you’re great at what you do. Together, we can get you where you want to go with greater resultsGet started today with a complimentary consultation!


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