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Resume and LinkedIn Career Package

Are you a recent college graduate or entry-level professional, with 0-3 years of experience, eager to demonstrate your unique skill set and qualities to an employer? If so, then you will need an eye-catching resume that makes a great first impression in the 6 to 10 seconds that a recruiter or hiring authority spends reviewing it. At ScienTech Résumés, I will work with you to highlight not only the skills that you learned in school, but how you put them into action.

Perhaps you already have gained a bit of experience through an internship or co-op training program pertaining to your current career goals. If this is your situation, my hat goes off to you! Internship experience goes a long way in beefing up a resume. Yet, even if you did not have the opportunity to augment your educational experience with an internship. Chances are high that you acquired several transferable skills, throughout your college experience, that are highly valued by an employer. Skills such as leadership, time management, communication, and problem solving are highly valued in all work environments, in addition to other skills acquired through unpaid positions or volunteer work. It does not matter where you fall on the spectrum as long as your key skills and educational achievements are successfully leveraged in an impressive and eye-catching presentation.

For the majority of recent graduates, education is your greatest asset. Without experience, it is essential that capstone projects or any other evidence of applied learning is included on your resume. We will focus on these achievements, using powerful, action verbs, that focus on the impact that you had, as well as the tangible results that came from your work. A well-designed resume, with a qualitative focus, will immediately kindle an employer´s interest, maximize your marketing potential and career opportunities, and set you apart from the competition.

Remember, you are a professional and not just a student. Applying to that first job will seem like a really big leap. However, it does not have to be a lonely or overwhelming process. We will work together to create a strong, targeted, and persuasive success story that represents your unique selling points as demonstrated by your academic foundation, internships, practicums, and other key elements, such as awards, volunteer, and community service ventures. You will have an exceptional resume far superior to the rest of the other recent graduates and entry-level candidates applying to the same positions.

Why should I use a certified resume writer instead of a career center?

A professionally, well-written resume and other related materials will open several doors for you when you take that major leap in applying for your first job. Most importantly, your resume should be distinctive, especially if you are applying for one of those difficult-to-fill science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) positions. While many college and university career centers offer advice on how to write a resume and a cover letter, the majority of them have a tendency to recycle the same old resume templates over and over again. This practice works against you and the powerful impact that you want your resume to have on the reader.

Think about it – recruiters and hiring professionals see hundreds to thousands of resumes a day. Thousands of resumes written by thousands of people, the majority of whom have used the same resume template found on the internet or recommended to them by their university career center. Do yourself a favor and stand out from the crowd!

In addition, many career center resources are limited because they do not have the same level of knowledge about various professional industries that a qualified resume writer will have. This is especially important if you are applying for any scientific, engineering, IT, or technical sector that uses specific industry jargon. Therefore, it is in your best interest to work with someone who understands the industry you are targeting, and more importantly, will invest time in getting to know you and your career goals. Remember, YOU are your greatest investment!

Graduate/Entry-Level Resume Packages Include:

  • One-on-one personalized consultation through phone, email, or Skype.
  • Unique personal branding that exudes competence and confidence while gaining traction with your future employer.
  • Discussion of your career goals and aspirations via phone or Skype.
  • A professional, well-written resume within 5 to 6 business days.
  • Lifetime document storage – No need to worry if you lose your documents!
  • Keyword optimized documents in 3 different formats: MS Word, Adobe PDF, and ASCII Plain Text.
  • Unlimited revisions for FREE for 30 days. *** Terms and Conditions Apply ***
  • Purchase an update at any time at a DISCOUNTED PRICE.
  • A FREE copy of my 7-Step Interview Preparation Guide packed with tips and advice on how to research a company, prepare answers to common interview questions, and how to follow-up with the interviewer(s).

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Individual Services:

Entry-Level Resume – $200  For students, interns, and new graduates – with 0 to 3 years’ experience – looking to establish a professional foothold and shape the trajectory of your career. I will help you to shorten your time spent in your job search by crafting a resume that clearly communicates the skills gained through your academic, internship, and volunteer experiences, while expressing your desire to grow professionally.


LinkedIn Profile – $350  LinkedIn is all about professional networking. Whether you are unemployed, a recent college graduate, a stay-at-home mom or dad, a business professional, or a business owner – people are looking for you! It is vital that you have a professionally, well-written LinkedIn profile that reflects your personal brand, relevant keywords, and immediately captures the attention of your audience. Thousands of recruiters use LinkedIn daily to find top talent, and it is critical that you brand and differentiate your unique value and experience over your competition.

Cover Letter – $125  A well-written cover letter is essential in determining whether your impressive resume leaps to the top of the “yes” pile or lands in the rejection stack. Therefore, it is vital that your cover letter showcases your achievements and how well your qualifications match the requirements of the position. The importance of a powerful cover letter cannot be overstated, especially if you want to be in the running with those who take the initiative to submit one in the first place. 

Thank You Letter – $125  A post-interview thank you letter is a necessary tool for any job hunting strategy. By expressing your gratitude for the interview and recapping the highlights of the meeting, you revisit the reasons why you are the best candidate for the position. By creating a letter that validates your candidacy, builds rapports, and reminds the interviewer of your ability to produce results, you can significantly influence and increase your chances of subsequent interviews.

Reference Sheet  $100 The purpose of a reference sheet is to have a list of people who can verify and elaborate on your professional achievements and contributions for a potential employer. Your new reference sheet will include recommendations from people who can provide an accurate and positive description of what makes you a strong candidate for the position. Written quotes from previous employers, supervisors, or colleagues provide the strongest recommendation.