Meet Kate

Welcome – I’m glad you’re here!

My name is Kate and I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), LinkedIn profile writer, former chemist, engineer, and expatriate focused in writing bold, visually-engaging, and impactful resumes for clients in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) sectors. I work with job seekers worldwide, at all professional levels, helping clients uncover their professional success stories, and successfully market themselves in the form of an impressive resume or career marketing package.

I provide a valuable service to STEM professionals and I sincerely enjoy what I do. As an active member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) and Career Directors International (CDI), I receive ongoing education and training in the field of resume writing to stay updated on resume writing trends and demonstrate my commitment to the resume writing industry. Additionally, I hold a Certified Resume Specialist credential in engineering and science (CRS+ES).

How it all began…

Resume writing can be an incredibly daunting process…but it does not have to be!

The inspiration for Scientech Resumes began after I took a major leap in leaving the US to pursue a new adventure – living and working abroad in Europe. While the idea sounded incredible, the actual experience would become one of my greatest challenges, and would ultimately lead to a passion for helping people renew and boost their confidence, in the form of powerful and effective career marketing documents, to find meaningful and rewarding careers.

For the love of science and technology

Resume writing is an R&D process. I chose to focus on STEM fields because I understand the messages that resonate within these industries, having formerly worked in several technical, R&D, and engineering environments. I leverage a unique blend of resume writing expertise in combination with my investigative research background, honed from my years of experience working in the chemical and engineering industry in the United States and abroad. My former professional experience enables me to draw upon real life industry experience to further assist my clients in leveraging their technical knowledge, expertise and other significant qualities that position them as the #1 solution to an employer´s problems.

My Mission

I provide a valuable service to clients on a worldwide basis. An important part of my process involves getting to know you on a professional level so that I can help you market yourself and maximize your career opportunities. I work with you to identify your Unique Selling Point (USP) and develop a persuasive and impressive career marketing package that clearly communicates your significant value to an employer. No matter what package or services you ask for, every process starts with getting to know you.

Through the client information process, I want to learn the following about you:

  • What makes YOU different from other candidates competing for a similar position?
  • What have you accomplished so far in your career?
  • What characteristics or qualities do you possess that make you truly distinctive?
  • What noteworthy personal character trait or traits describe you?
  • What types of problems have you solved and how can this benefit a future employer?

In our consultation, I will develop an in-depth understanding of your career history as well as your goals and aspirations for your next step. From there, I craft a resume that is carefully written and designed to appeal to your target industry and employers. In personalizing each resume package for my clients, whether it involves a career change or switching to a more meaningful and rewarding profession, together you and I can gradually rid the world of poor resumes one at a time.

I also write international resumes for English-speaking expatriates seeking a STEM profession overseas. As a former expatriate, I know firsthand the stress and uncertainty that can come with searching for a job in a foreign country. When you work with me, I ask the right questions to help you build an impressive resume that features your professional personality, cross-cultural skills, and is organized to match an employer’s ideal profile.

Note: All documents are written in English, either American, British, or Australian English depending on the location of your targeted position.  

What’s your success story?

At ScienTech Resumes, I believe in more than writing just your resume. I believe in writing YOUR success story, in the form of a strategic and highly-compelling career marketing package, that highlights your value, expertise, and career assets. Every resume tells a story because every position that you have held and every problem that you have solved adds a fresh new layer to your professional success story, and further cements your credibility and expertise.

The best part about being a professional resume writer is that no two success stories are the same. Discovering the significant achievements and milestones throughout a client´s career history enables my clients to receive a fresh layer of confidence in their individual value and expertise. These success stories are the foundation of what sets an extraordinary resume apart from an average resume. Everyone has a story. I would love to hear your’s!

If you have a general question, I invite you to check out my FAQs page. If you require additional information about my services, please email me using the general inquiry form or contact me via phone at 253-313-8071. You can also email me directly at

I look forward to discussing your career goals.